Move over ‘doga’, as there’s a new phenomenon in town.

Since beloved presenter Phillip Schofield became an ambassador for We Buy Any Car, we’ve seen him star in a variety of hilarious, and often rather bizarre adverts. He has played with puppies, bounced on bouncy castles and even hit the Dojo to show off some impressive martial arts skills. 

But the latest ads in We Buy Any Car’s roster are by far our fave. 

We see Phil engaging in goat yoga, a new and rather adorable exercise phenomenon which looks rather hard to master – probably down to Phil’s uncooperative partner!

So, what is the advert? And what on earth is goat yoga?


The two new adverts were released on December 26th, 2019. One is called ‘Two-Step’ and the other ‘Every Second Counts’.

They both feature the same clip of Phillip in a rather impressive looking yoga balance, with a goat balanced on his back. It’s quite the image as you can imagine. 

And Phil’s clearly a fan, claiming it “gets the knots out” in one of the ads. 

We Buy Any Car have followed up their adverts with a series of witty goat puns all across their Instagram and beyond. They’re clearly having fun with the goat concept and have been using ‘#YouGoatThisPhil’ across their campaign. Go behind-the-scenes with Phil here!

What is goat yoga?

Over the past couple of years, goat yoga has become more popular. It’s even been practiced by the likes of Khloe Kardashian… you definitely know you’re onto a trend if the Kardashians are involved!

The Guardian reported last year that the trend started in Oregon, the United States. But since becoming a viral trend, the yoga-based activity has seriously taken off. 

The calming effects of the animal is supposed to help with relaxation. And having the animal balance on your body is reported to help with concentration, balance and focus. 

Is Phil actually doing the moves?

Although Phil once took part in a goat yoga session on This Morning back in 2017, we think it’s most likely that We Buy Any Car roped in a stunt double for Phil.

He definitely wasn’t looking this confident when he first tried the moves!

Check out Phil and Holly attempting goat yoga with American instructor Donna McCheyne here.

You can watch both of the new adverts on We Buy Any Car’s YouTube account, to see what all the fuss is about.


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