Edinburgh Gin have got into the Christmas advert game this year and fans are a big fan of the ad’s song choice.

Each year, the competition to make the most memorable Christmas advert heats up an extra notch.

The likes of John Lewis are always the benchmark to meet with their annual festive ads that cost up to £7 million each year. 

However, the huge expense that goes into Christmas adverts isn’t totally necessary as long as you have an ad that people will remember.

One of the best surefire methods of hooking an audience for an advert is to include a well-known or catchy song and that’s exactly what Edinburgh Gin have done with their 2019 commercial.

The Edinburgh Gin advert

The 2019 Edinburgh Gin advert opens to a blooming flower which is revealed to be one of hundreds adorning a woman’s dress as she dances in a festively decorated bar.

The camera then zooms back through the crowd of dancers to reveal Edinburgh castle, surrounded by gigantic rhubarb plants before meteors fall from the sky in very dramatic fashion before they’re revealed to simply be ice cubes in the dancing woman’s drink.

It’s all very fancy stuff and is supposed to signify the ‘exciting’ flavours in Edinburgh Gin.

What’s the song?

The catchy song used in the 2019 Edinburgh Gin advert is The Night by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.

Originally released in 1972, The Night is a classic song from the decade and the choice to use it in the Edinburgh Gin is inspired with the lyrics fitting expertly with the ad, particularly the line “the night begins to turn your head around,” for more reasons than one.

It’s been a popular choice

The use of Frankie Valli’s northern soul song has proved to be a very popular choice with those who have seen the advert so far. 

Plenty of those who have seen the ad have taken to social media to offer their thoughts on the use of the song and the ad in general.

One Twitter user commented: “Great music, great ad, great gin…. In that order!”

While another added: “I love this advert. Nice bit of the four seasons and hubby loves his Northern Soul. Perfect.”

And finally, this fan has clearly been persuaded by the power of advertising: “That’s the best advert I’ve seen for ages and I’m gonna buy a bottle just on the strength of it… Awesome music too, great choice guys.”

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