Watchmen: Who covered ‘I Am The Walrus’? Season 1 finale song explored!

Watchmen Angela Egg

Watchmen season 1 came to an end in truly head-scratching fashion.

Spoilers ahead for season 1 finale of Watchmen

Watchmen on HBO and Sky Atlantic has been one of the most anticipated TV shows of 2019 and fans certainly haven't been let down by this sequel to the original Watchmen comics.

Season 1 has come and gone in the blink of an eye and, as well as leaving viewers with plenty of questions, has left fans wanting more.

The season finale 'See How They Fly' hit screens on Sunday, December 15th in the US and Monday, December 16th here in the UK and concluded the series in dramatic fashion.

After giving his life to save the day, we bid farewell to Dr Manhattan but the superhero's powers are apparently not lost forever.

The Watchmen season finale

The final scene of Watchmen's first season sees Angela tidying up Dr Manhattan's eggs from the previous evening until she realises that if she eats one, luckily one of them didn't break, she too can take on the powers of Manhattan.

We see Angela, yolk still dripping from her mouth as she prepares herself to try and walk on water, something her superhero husband did just the night before.

As she stands there, a somewhat familiar song starts to play, I Am The Walrus, but it's definitely not John Lennon who's singing this time.

Watchmen Angela Egg

Who covered I Am The Walrus in Watchmen?

The version of I Am The Walrus in Watchmen, while originally a song by The Beatles is, on this occasion covered by the band Spooky Tooth.

It's a surprisingly appropriate song to have as Angela has a mouth full of egg with the song containing the lyrics "I am the Eggman."

On top of that, the title of the episode, 'See How They Fly,' is another line from the 'experimental' Beatles song.

Listen here!

You can check out the Spooky Tooth cover of I Am The Walrus below.

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