With Christmas fast approaching and the main presents nearly all gathered, it’s time to start taping up the edges.

For starters, make sure you’ve got your gift game watertight this Christmas. One way to nail this is getting your loved one something that they didn’t even know they needed.

Apparently, it’s called a thoughtful surprise.

A pair of cosy slippers is something many of us don’t often treat ourselves to and the pair laying around at home have been used to the point where they’re in tatters.

So whether this is panic buy for the missus or a tactical stocking filler, we’ve found a pair of slippers for you to bag this festive period. Here are five of the very best and how to purchase them.

Hotter Devotion – £25

HITC says: The Cinderella slipper that is much, much more practical than glass.

The Hotter Devotion slippers are as practical as they are cosy, it’s no wonder why they’re one of the brand’s best sellers.

Designed to be stepped into with a backless mule shape, they are roomy in the toes without being loose and sturdy in the sole or awkwardly rigid. They do take a touch of breaking in but it’s a small price to pay for the sturdy reliability.

The faux fur lining kept our tester warm without becoming clammy. Hotter also got a big thumbs up for their versatility, as these slippers were worn both around the house and during quick errands without raising any eyebrows.

Where to buy: Hotter

Ugg Scuffette II – £80

HITC says: The millennial’s must have.

Ugg boots were the thing for a while. Back in the day it was all Jack Wills hoodies, neon tutus at discos and Ugg boots in winter. As we’ve grown up Jack Wills have gone into a permanent sale and neon tutus are only remembered in Vietnam style flashbacks. Ugg, however, have stood the test of time due to their quality.

The Australian boot brand are still enjoying great success with their ever popular and comfy footwear. The Scuffette II slippers are open back, allowing the wearer to step into cosy sheepskin lining.

Sweaty feet aren’t an issue due to a special wool blend that does away with moisture. Speaking of moisture, the soft suede outer is water resistant. Our tester found them comfortable, warm and light as a feather although they weren’t ideal for trotting along the pavement.

Where to buy: Ugg

Bearpaw Indio – £74.99 

HITC says: A cosy slipper fit for a princess.

Bearpaw was founded in 2001 with the intention of making stylish casual footwear that utilised natural materials – sheepskin in particular.

And it’s sheepskin that forms the footbed of this slipper, giving your foot a marshmallow cushion with a wool blend lining that adds warmth. The suede upper is super soft and decorated with a delicate satin bow.

These slippers appear like something out of an old Disney film with their quaint moccasin silhouette that has wool spilling over the cuff. Definitely one for the princess in the family. Our tester found them to be enormously cosy but a bit tight; having done some digging we recommend you order a full size up.

Where to buy: Bearpaw

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mules V – £50

HITC says: The explorer’s slipper.

The North Face have a knack for combining style with performance. The mountaineering experts have been at the forefront of fashionable outdoor attire for a long time and their Thermoball Traction Mules are a prime example.

The upper utilises patented Thermoball technology for insulation, drawing on Oso-fleece lining. Water resistant and impossible to slip in due to the traction focused rubber sole, The North Face Mules are ideal for snowy camping conditions.

Our tester wasn’t surprised when she learned of their intended focus as they were very warm and some may find them a touch too clammy for round the house wear, however, this is entirely up to personal preference… and foot circulation.

Where to buy: The North Face

Mahabis Classic – £79

HITC says: Sleek, comfortable and versatile slippers for any occasion.

Mahabis are a new type of slipper. This casual footwear company produce lightweight, cosy shoes for relaxing on the sofa or nipping to the pub.

There is a balance between tech and terroir in these slippers. Lab made materials designed for comfort are met by natural elements for warmth.

The footbed is made up of open-cell PU foam that sinks with your foot .

You know those memory foam mattresses you have always wanted but you’ve never bought? Well, it’s like that, but for your feet. This is as comfy a step as you can get!

Australian corriedale wool lining keeps you warm without becoming clammy and the felt upper works as a reliable, lightweight insulator.

Aesthetics are arguably the best bit of these slippers. While comfy and warm enough to wear around the house, the Mahabis can be worn down to the pub for a swift few on a Sunday afternoon.

Where to buy: Mahabis

Best buy: Mahabis Classic

This is definitely a case of horses for courses. If you want to buy something that your partner can relax at home in or stroll to the shops in, you can’t beat the Mahabis Classics. The Ugg Scuffette slippers are the ideal gift if you can’t see them making it out of the house.