Beards are cool, this is a fact and something we know from popular culture, movies and TV. However, there is an incredibly fine line to tread – and you’re going to need a beard trimmer for that.

It’s not easy to keep your beard neat, tidy, groomed and shaped. You need to wash it regularly, use oils and put up with that scratchy phase. While there are a lot of steps that you can take to keep your beard looking well maintained, one of the easiest is using an electric trimmer.

Different trimmers have different strong suits and different trimmers suit different beards. Longer beards need more rigorous kit, otherwise you risk being tugged to and fro, while shorter beards need more precision.

We’ve rounded up the best beard trimmers on the market to find the best piece of kit to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re sporting a brave goatee or a full lumberjack look – HITC Culture has got you covered.

Remington Heritage Fold Out Trimmer – £24.99

HITC says: The perfect model for travel trimming.

Remington’s Heritage Fold Out Trimmer is unique because it is battery powered (AAA, included), yet this simply makes it the perfect fit for a duffle bag and weekend away.

Much like the brand’s Heritage Foil Shaver, this trimmer features a sleek, nostalgic design – resembling a switch blade that wouldn’t look out of place in Mad Men or Sweeney Todd.

You have the option of using the 1-inch trimming blade or sliding on the dual length comb which lets you choose between 3mm and 5mm. This is definitely a trimmer for those that keep their beard short and precise, it will take a few passes to deal with any thicker beards.

This is a handy piece of kit; the precision blade is great at contouring and tidying up edges. If you find yourself often on the go then this is a fantastic value option.

Where to buy: Amazon

ER-GB86 – £53.89

HITC says: The must-buy trimmer for long beards.

Panasonic’s ER-GB86 is a must for any long beard bros. We see you in your flannel shirt, sitting in that poorly furnished, overly expensive coffee shop, staring forlornly into the distance wondering why every beard trimmer you try snags and pulls at your delicate whiskers.

It’s okay – this trimmer comes with an incredible 58 length settings. Ranging from 0.5mm to 20.5mm, you can quickly pop on one of three attachments to get the right setting for your face.

A wider pitch between the teeth of the blades helps catch more hairs per stroke but most importantly helps prevent longer beards being snagged and pulled.

Thorough, efficient and versatile. We can’t find a fault in this one. It may be an expensive piece of kit but it justifies the expense.

Where to buy: Amazon

Philips Series 7000 Beardtrimmer – £48

HITC says: Perfect for keeping the sink clean.

This trimmer is set apart by the inclusion of a vacuum feature that sucks up discarded hair as you go.

Philips have packed in some simple but effective details here; the trimmer constantly works to lift hairs up as it goes to make trimming more efficient and comfortable and the blades themselves are double sharpened.

In fact, they sharpen each other while operating. Think of it as a pocket-sized version of Gordon Ramsay polishing his samurai-sword like knifes, and all for the delicate process of sculpting your beard.

Using this trimmer for the first time on a medium length beard will have you doubting the optimistic figure but thereafter Philips are incredibly accurate. Anything longer than a short beard and you will have to empty the vacuum compartment during your trim but this is no hassle. The vacuum performs perfectly when working on a short beard and the vacuum claims to catch 90% of hairs.

This trimmer only runs for an hour but if you remember to keep it charged this isn’t an issue. The blades are washable and easily maintained. Altogether this is an efficient trimmer that saves you the hassle of cleaning up the sink – a big thumbs up from HITC.

Where to buy: Philips

Braun BT5060 – £39.42

HITC says: A trimmer that can do it all and do it for a while, a lot of bang for your buck.

You will feel like a kid in a candy shop with this one. For starters, the Braun BT5060 offers 39 different length settings. Simply spin the dial and swap the combs to get the ideal length for you.

The trimmer also comes with a free Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor so that you can give yourself an ultra close shave if you’re looking to shape your facial hair or go bald around your neck.

One of our favourite features is the battery life; charging for an hour should give you 100 minutes trimming time. There is also a helpful LED light to let you know when you need to charge. However, a big but when it comes to charging is the act that the trimmer comes with an EU plug, so you will need an adapter.

We were very impressed by the lack of uncomfortable tugging thanks to the super sharp blades, trimming was also quite a swift affair due to the powerful motor. The kit is easily washed, just rinse it under a tap. All in all, the only flaw is the EU plug but this is easily remedied.

Where to buy: Amazon

Wahl Aqua Blade – £44.99

HITC says: The premium option for fine stubble.

Wahl are one of the great authorities in men’s grooming. The Aqua Blade model is worthy of the brand’s illustrious and professional reputation.

This is a real no nonsense trimmer. Sixteen different guide combs give you ultimate control over your look, offering an attachment to suit any beard length. The extreme precision blades offer you an uber close shave which is great for shaping and styling. These blades also come with a lifetime warranty which should give you some peace of mind.

Battery life is one of the biggest boasts of this trimmer, giving you 180 minutes of grooming time between charges. An hour plugged in should fully charge your device.

Wet and dry technology comes in handy, we found this trimmer performed admirably in the shower and was super easy to clean under the tap.

The only negatives we can pick on are aesthetics and ergonomics. The finish isn’t as glamorous as some competing trimmers and the Aqua Blade is a bit cumbersome. However, it is important to stress that we cannot fault this trimmer for performance.

Where to buy: Amazon

Best buy: Braun BT5060

This was a tough call. The Braun BT5060 and Panasonic ER-GB86 are two fantastic trimmers but the latter edges it for functions and performance. However, the Braun model comes out on top for price.

If you’ve got the extra dosh or have a particularly long beard, go for the Panasonic. If you keep it short and neat, the Braun is the one for you.


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