Arsenal and Adidas have teamed up to bring a footballing relic back from the dead.

When you look back at football in the 1990s, you’re almost always drawn to the somewhat ‘eye-catching’ kit designs from the time.

More often than not, teams would take to the field in what can only be described as eye-sores, particularly goalkeepers who were often seen sporting some pretty atrocious kits.

Bizarrely, design trends from the 90s seem to have made their way back into football kits this season with a number of teams adding extra flourishes to their strip that feel almost plucked from the designs of the decade in question. 

However, thanks to their new partnership with German sportswear firm Adidas, Arsenal have gone one better and have resurrected an old ‘classic.’ 

Arsenal’s ‘bruised banana’ kit is back!

Yes, that’s right, the iconic black, yellow and red Arsenal away kit from 1991/93 is back on sale.

The iconic retro design has become synonymous with Adidas’s spell as Arsenal’s kit manufacturer in the 90s.

At the start of the 2019 season, the Gunners unveiled a new away shirt that was inspired by the bruised banana kit but now, just in time for Christmas, the true classic from the 90s itself, has been reborn.

Where to buy

The official Adidas-made bruised banana shirt is on sale now exclusively from Adidas themselves, whether in-store or online. 

There is also a new range of 90s-inspired training gear too, featuring over-sized and baggy tracksuit tops.

Fans of the kit have been left disappointed, however, as the retro design will set you back a whopping £75.

There are alternative options out there though as eBay have several unofficial versions, missing the Adidas logo, available at much lower prices.

Opinion: It belongs in a museum

There’s obviously been a huge amount of excitement surrounding the reborn bruised banana kit as it was undoubtedly one of the most iconic football kits of the 90s.

However, there’s a reason why the football kit designs from that decade are often criticised and it’s because they were truly awful.

Any lasting examples of kits from the 90s should be put in museums to remind fans of how awful they were without giving them the chance to bring the questionable designs back into fashion.

It’s been disconcerting enough to have 90s-esque designs make their way back into football kits this season but for Adidas to re-release the bruised banana kit, and at such extortionate prices, is a step too far.

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