Everything you must know about the addition of buzzy bees and where to find them following update 1.15 for Minecraft.

There’s been a lot of exciting news about Minecraft recently with the announcement of a Bedrock Edition for PlayStation 4 boasting crossplay. However, in news that is somehow equally exciting, fans are buzzing about the addition of bees through update 1.15. In this article you’ll discover everything you need to know about where to find and why you shouldn’t provoke them.

You can check out the patch notes for update 1.15 in their entirety by clicking here, otherwise keep reading to discover where to find bees in Minecraft. But, before you do go seeking them out, it’s important to warn that you shouldn’t bee them off for the sake of yourself and them.

After all, the ramifications can be quite deadly.

Where do you find bees in Minecraft?

You can find bees in Minecraft in flower forests, plains and sunflower plain biomes following update 1.15.

This is where bees are said to naturally spawn in Minecraft meaning it’s where you’ll best find them.

Any tree in the above biomes can harvest a bee nest, but the flower forest is your greatest bet for finding them quickly.

However, you won’t find any bees out and about at night or in the rain as they will be hidden away in their nests.

When you do find some buzzy bees, it’s imperative that you don’t provoke or mess them about unless you’re a monstrous a-hole who enjoys killing innocent beings.

This is because annoyed bees will sting you and die as a consequence without dropping anything for you to loot.

You can check out the update 1.15 patch notes for everything pertaining to the addition of bees in Minecraft below:



  • Added bees!

  • Added bee nests and beehives!

  • Added honey blocks!

  • Added the honey bottle!

  • Added honeycomb!

  • Added honeycomb blocks!

  • Accessibility improvements

  • Added advancements for bees and honey!

  • Added iron golem healing

  • Added features found in other Minecraft editions

  • Dispenser changes

  • Experience orbs now appear in the same location as loot when an entity is killed


We’re buzzing with excitement!

Can someone tell Cory to stop making bee puns now?

  • Bees are cute, fuzzy, neutral mobs

  • Don’t hurt them, they don’t want to hurt you

  • If a bee does sting you, it will leave its stinger in you and eventually die, dropping nothing 🙁

  • Bees love pretty flowers and spend their lives gathering pollen from them

  • After gathering pollen, bees fly back to their home nest

  • Bees help you by growing crops while carrying pollen back to the nest

  • Bees like sharing the location of their favorite flowers with other bees

  • If a bee doesn’t have a home nest, it will wander around until it finds one it can use

  • Bees don’t like the rain and they sleep at night. They will go back to the nest in these cases

  • Bees can be bred using flowers

  • If a bee can’t find nectar, after a while it will return home for a bit

  • Bees try to avoid water

  • Bees go inside if it’s raining at all in the world, not just where the bee is located

  • Bees will search up to 10 blocks away from itself in all directions to find a nest/hive to call home

Bee Nests / Beehives

In real life, bees dance in their nests to show other bees where flowers are!

  • Bee nests spawn naturally in flower forests, plains, and sunflower plains biomes

  • When a bee visits this block and completes its journey undisturbed, the level of honey increases

  • Max of 5 levels of honey

  • Level 5 is quite…sticky

  • Bees use nests and hives to share flower locations with other bees

  • Sometimes bees that already know about a flower will choose not to use this information

  • Beehives are crafted by players using honeycomb and wood planks

  • Use a silk touch tool to get the block with the bees stored inside

  • Bee nests will be destroyed unless you use silk touch

  • Use shears when at full honey to get honeycomb

  • Use a bottle when at full honey to get a honey bottle

  • Campfire smoke calms bees – place one underneath the nest/hive to keep them in chill mode

  • Redstone-friendly!

  • Bees like bee nests and beehives the same amount! They don’t play favorites 🙂

  • Bees only exit through the front of the nest/hive

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