Winter is tightening her grip; painting our drives with frost and making our duvets harder to crawl out from. More than ever, a pair of cosy slippers are an essential part of your home.

Most of our body heat escapes from our extremities. If you want to keep yourself toasty this winter then you’ll need a pair of slippers that will look out for you during the long nights.

Slippers aren’t all about cosiness, though, so having a pair of comfy house shoes is a year round necessity – nobody wants to be stomping around the gaff in brogues and a dressing gown on a peaceful Sunday morning.

We’ve rounded up the best men’s slippers to suit your needs, whether it’s something to wear around base camp or something to slip into to nip to the shops.

Ugg Tasman – £90

HITC says: Ideal for the millennial with cold feet.

The Ugg Tasman slippers are made with a suede outer, sheepskin lining and the same outsole as Ugg’s classic boot. Specially treated wool is employed on the inside in order to avoid excess moisture from inevitably sweaty feet. No point trying to shy away from it, cosiness comes at a cost and that is sweat. Thankfully, Ugg has you covered.

We found the slippers incredibly comfortable and warm. A hug for your feet. They do take a touch of breaking in which you don’t expect from a slipper but given the fact that these soft shoes perform well indoors and outdoors we really can’t complain. They are as suited to a box-set on the sofa as they are to popping to the corner shop for some emergency milk.

Where to buy: Ugg

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mules V – £50

HITC says: Perfect for the explorer, be it igloo or chilly living room.

The North Face are well known for their stellar outdoor kit. The exploration aficionados have comfort, style and performance down to a fine art – these slippers are yet another example.

The Thermoball Traction Mules V are the latest in the brand’s series of all-weather slippers. Made with a high grip rubber sole these mules won’t let you down (literally) – we found them ideal for making our way down the steep drive to collect the bins on an icy morning.

Oso fleece lines the water resistant upper, keeping your feet dry and warm whether you’re moping round the living room or pacing around a snowy base camp. They are also super easy to slip on and off thanks to the collapsable, elastic back.

Where to buy: The North Face

Bearpaw Joshua – £37.93

HITC says: The slipper for the housecat.

Bearpaw are specialists when it comes to forging fine slippers. The company was founded in 2001 with the intention of reimagining casual footwear by utilising natural components – sheepskin at the core.

The Joshua slippers are no exception as sheepskin is used on the footbed. We found this to provide some dreamy cushioning as we paced to and fro the fridge. Cow suede forms the outer and a wool blend makes for a warm lining.

The TPR outsole has a formidable grip meaning that you need not worry about nipping out in these slippers. Some may find them a little too cosy, we’d definitely recommend sizing up at least half a size, a full size if you have wide feet.

Where to buy: Amazon

Hotter Recline – £34.30

HITC says: The traditionalist slipper.

The Hotter Recline slippers do everything you want a classic slipper to do. They are light, comfortable, warm and flexible.

These slippers are made with a suede outer, faux fur lining and rubber sole. Simple and classic. Designed with a driving-shoe style, we found them reliable around the house and behind the wheel.

You can’t go wrong with the Hotter Recline slippers, there may be no bells and whistles but they are durable and cosy.

Where to buy: Amazon

Mahabis Classic – £79

HITC Says: A fashionable, cosy slipper for the sofa or the pub… depending on the pub.

The Mahabis range gives equal weighting to style and comfort without compromising on either.

The classic slipper features a felt upper that is a blend of New Zealand romney wool and polyester. Australian corriedale wool makes up the lining and there is open-cell PU foam used for the footbed. The sole is made of TPU and super durable as a result.

We found the super responsive footbed to be incredibly comfortable, allowing your trotters to really sink into the shoe. The lining and upper keep your feet from getting cold but aren’t as warming as some of Mahabis’ heavy duty competitors. However, given that these slippers are far more versatile than others, this is far from a complaint.

Thanks to the sleek, modern design these slippers are cosy enough for indoors but stylish enough to pop to the pub.

Where to buy: Mahabis


Best buy: Mahabis Classic

The Mahabis Classics win out due to their versatility.

These slippers are as suited to feet up in front of the fire as they are to a quick pint in the pub. It is also vital that they can keep you warm in winter but not melt you in March. If you want something a touch more techy then go for the Thermoball Traction Mules by The North Face – they won’t let you down whether you’re at the bottom of a mountain or the bottom of your drive.