How to watch The L Word in the UK: Get set for Generation Q's arrival

The L Word Generation Q

The L Word is returning to our screens after a 10-year wait!

It's always big news when a classic and much-loved TV show makes a return to our screens.

Whether it's a reboot or a sequel, there's always plenty of interest, particularly among fans of the original series.

Now, after a 10-year wait, the highly acclaimed show The L Word is heading back to our screens with a brand new sequel series. 

Fans are undoubtedly excited by the news but how can viewers here in the UK watch the new series and catch up on the original L Word series before the new one arrives?

The L Word: Generation Q is coming!

After the somewhat groundbreaking L Word came to an end in March 2009, it appeared as if that was that. Fans had made their peace with the show coming to an end.

However, with the arrival of The L Word: Generation Q, the excitement is already back and it would appear that the show, which is entirely focused on LGBT+ relationships, couldn't have come at a better time. 

The new series is already airing in the US on the network Showtime but UK fans will have to wait a little longer.

While The L Word returned on December 8th in the States, no UK release date has been confirmed as of yet although it is believed that Sky Atlantic and in turn, Sky's streaming service, Now TV, will be picking the show up when it does eventually make its way over the pond.

The L Word Generation Q Showtime

How to catch up before the new series

If you fancy watching your way through the original L Word series before the new Generation Q version makes its way over, then, unfortunately, you'll have to fork out and buy the series yourself. 

The original series has been available to stream on Netflix, on and off, but at of the time of writing, the show is not available on the streaming service, at least here in the UK.

All six seasons of the original series are available to buy digitally from Amazon Prime Video but at the rather steep price of £19.99 each. 

Returning cast members

When Generation Q does arrive, fans of the original show will no doubt be excited to learn that three members of the original are slated to return.

Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter, Katherine Moenning as Shane McCutcheon and Leisha Hailey as Alice Pieszecki will all be making their way back to The L Word in Generation Q with Bette Porter taking on the most high-profile role as she runs to become LA's first lesbian Mayor.

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