The MMA world has a new player making their debut in the UK this December.

While UFC may stand tall as the leading figure of the MMA world, it is far from the only brand out there in the growing industry.

A new player to the game in recent years has been FAME MMA.

The organisation was set up in Poland in 2018 and is fast becoming an international force in the MMA world. 

In December 2019, FAME MMA is set to host its first event in the UK and details of the event have slowly been revealed over the past few weeks and months.


After making a name for itself in Poland, FAME MMA is heading to the UK this year.

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What makes the brand so appealing is that it pits well-known celebrities against each other in MMA clashes, something that’s always a huge crowd pleaser, as proven with the recent successes of the KSI and Logan Paul boxing fights.

How to watch

FAME MMA UK’s first event on British shores is set to take place at Newcastle’s Utilita Arena on December 14th, 2019.

The event itself is slated to get underway at 8pm and tickets for the evening’s entertainment are still on sale.

If you can’t make it to Newcastle to be in the ring-side crowd itself, FAME MMA is offering a pay-per-view package for the event which is priced at just £5 until December 12th.

Who’s fighting?

The fight card for FAME MMA UK’s inaugural event has undergone a number of changes since the first fighters were announced with several of the event’s bigger names, including Scotty T, pulling out. 

Main event: TBC (Scotty T has, as of December 10th, pulled out of the event) v Stevie Bear

Co main: Ally Law v Joe Henderson *Daredevil YouTube giants collide

Sam Gowland v Marty Mckenna *Reality TV stars and fellow Geordies in homecoming bout

Joel JMX v TBC *YouTuber and gamer favourite

Dapper v Harvey *Podcaster and funny man squares up against rapper and So Solid Crew member

Callum Markie v Casey Barker *Popular YouTubers battle it out

Ashley Marie v Georgia Harrison *YouTube gamer takes on Love Island and TOWIE star

Andrew Henderson v Mike Fox *Pro Freestyle Footballer and YouTube funny man collide

Fight Card according to Utilita Arena’s website.

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