You will be able to play Infected in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare starting December 10th until it’s eventually replaced.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 is receiving its second batch of content on December 10th, and this comes with the arrival of multiplayer modes Gunfight OSP and Infected. The latter is a particular fan-favourite, but the unfortunate news is that it’s a limited-time offer. So, to help you play as much as humanly possible, this article will help you know how to play the mode until it’s eventually replaced.

Shoot House 24/7 was replaced earlier by Crash, but the backlash Activision received from fans caused them to return the mode to appease the masses. It’s possible the same could happen with Infected if fans were to make enough noise after its disappearance, but for now it’s marketed as a limited-time deal only.

And below you’ll discover just how to play the mode.

How do you play Infected in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare?

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare gamers will be able to play Infected on December 10th.

Alongside Gunfight OSP, the multiplayer mode Infected is scheduled to arrive in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare alongside cosmetic bundles called Cold Blood and Mother Russia.

For newcomers who aren’t aware of what Infected is, it’s essentially a multiplayer mode that was introduced to the series in Modern Warfare 3 as an April Fool’s joke.

In short, the mode randomly selects a player to become infected. This cursed participant is then tasked with the goal of infecting other players to join their cause with the mission for everyone else being to avoid becoming plagued and to kill the sick individual(s).

As well as the mode described above, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare will also see the arrival of Gunfight OSP on December 10th. This is a slight variant of the 2v2 Gunfight mode with players having to loot weapons and equipment from the map.

While all of the above is exciting, the unfortunate news is that Infected will become null come December 18th. This is when both unique modes will be replaced by something new.