TikTok is fast-becoming one of the world’s top social media sites which is only a good thing for creators like Holly Horne

The 21st century has certainly seen its fair share of change.

Not only has the internet truly come into its own as an online superpower that has connected people from around the world, but it’s also brought about a huge shift in what constitutes a celebrity.

Before the internet really came into the mainstream, people often looked at film, TV and sports stars, as well as perhaps politicians, as the notable figures of the time.

Now, it’s social media stars such as TikTok’s Holly Horne who have captured the attention of millions worldwide. 

Meet Holly Horne

Holly Horne, also known as Holly H on her various social media accounts, is a TikTok superstar and one of the internet’s biggest celebrities, even sharing a management company with Adele.

The 23-year-old owes her fame to the app TikTok, which sees users posting short videos, less than a minute in length, quite often of themselves miming or lip-syncing along to a song or similar film or TV clip.

Holly’s career in the industry began in 2015 when she uploaded videos to the spiritual predecessor to TikTok, Vine.

However, when Vine closed down in 2017, she made the switch to the emerging site musical.ly which would go onto become TikTok.  

A true social media queen

Holly’s following on TikTok is a constant reminder of how the attention on celebrities has shifted towards online personalities as her current follower count is a completely staggering 16 million.

It isn’t just TikTok where Holly has a huge following either with dedicated fans also heading to Holly’s Instagram account, which boasts over 1.3 million followers.

Lagging behind on 375,000 subscribers is Holly’s YouTube channel, which, in fairness, only receives uploads every few months.

However, the 16 million TikTok followers certainly make up for any shortfall on YouTube. 


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The impact of Holly’s fame

The exact figure that the Guernsey-born social media star makes from her work has not been confirmed (although rumoured between $500,000 and $2 million) but it has certainly been enough that Holly’s mother, Jody, has been able to stop working thanks to the money that her daughter’s fame now brings in.

In order to minimise travelling since becoming an international star, Holly has left Guernsey in favour of Sussex, to be closer to London, and is believed to live with her parents, Steve and Jody as well as her two siblings, Megan and Phoenix.

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