Fans of Life Is Strange 2 have reacted to the “best Easter egg” in Episode 5 which saw a cameo from David Madsen with a phone call from Chloe.

Life Is Strange 2 is over which is extremely sad and bittersweet. The second season has only just culminated with Episode 5; a fantastic finale that has further added credence to the belief that it’s one of the most important video games of 2019, let alone one of the best. While there’s a lot of good moments in the season’s finale, one of the most pleasing and heart-warming is a cameo from David Madsen that involves a phone call from Chloe.

The second season of Life Is Strange is a departure from season one’s heroines in the form of Max and Chloe, but – while that was initially disappointing – Dontnod Entertainment have somehow managed to craft a story that is just as compelling with characters who are just as likable and relatable.

And, despite all the departures, there have been enough nods to the past to appease those who absolutely adored the tale of love between Chloe and Max. The cameo with David Madsen is by far the most obvious and lovely.

Life Is Strange 2 has a David Madsen and Chloe cameo

David Madsen is a recurring Life Is Strange character who has appeared in season 1, season 2 and the prequel Before The Storm.

In the very first Life Is Strange, he’s a security guard at Blackwell Academy who – to be blunt – is referred to as the school’s “biggest ass” by Max in her diary.

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Life Is Strange presented David as overly paranoid and brusque, but his unclean demeanour was explained by his past with the military. This and his true fondness for the students of Blackwell make him one of the best and most sympathetic characters in the entire series despite his lack of charm and multitude of mistakes.

Regardless of whether you chose to sacrifice Chloe or Arcadia Bay (we know most of you didn’t think of the needs of the many), David still makes a welcomed cameo in Episode 5 of Life Is Strange 2.

Rather than sporting a moustache more suited for x-rated adult videos though, he now boasts an impressive beard which is unfortunately ruined by a very hipster ponytail.

He has also worked a lot on his attitude which makes him come across so much better than pretty much all of Life Is Strange

If you sacrificed Chloe in Life Is Strange, David will mourn his mistakes and how it was too late for him to make amends.

But, if you followed the more popular choice of sacrificing Arcadia Bay, then David will talk about the hurricane and how the loss of his wife and friends devastated him. While disappointed at Max and Chloe for leaving, he receives a phone call which appears to be from his step-daughter.

And this very phone call has made a lot of fans sob with happiness.

“Best Easter egg in the entire game”

You can check out the David Madsen cameo and phone call from Chloe by watching the video above.

As you’ll be able to see by checking out the dozens of comments, most people have reacted fondly to the scene by showing their joy at Chloe and David forming a father-daughter relationship.

The fond sentiments have also been echoed on Twitter.

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