Upright: Fans calling for season 2 as Tim Minchin's comedy proves to be a hit

Upright Tim Minchin

The Tim Minchin-starring Upright has certainly won over its fanbase.

If you're looking for something a bit different from your bog-standard sitcom or comedy panel show, then Tim Minchin's Upright could well be exactly what you're after.

The weird and wonderful comic, musician and actor has always been a reliable source of brilliantly funny work and it would seem that fans certainly feel that way about this new show.

The series may only have just arrived on Sky Atlantic and Now TV here in the UK, but many are already calling for more.

The question, or should that be demand, on many fans' lips is whether or not Upright will be heading back to our screens for a second series.  

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Upright on Sky Atlantic

Tim Minchin's Upright tells the story of two unlikely companions as they happen upon each other in the endless Australian desert. The duo team up and begin to form the most improbable of connections while trying to deliver a precious upright piano across the vast wilderness.

Upright's first and second episodes arrived on Sky Atlantic on November 29th, with two new episodes arriving weekly thereafter.

However, for viewers on Now TV and Sky On Demand, all eight episodes are available to stream at once.

As a result, plenty of viewers have been quick to binge the whole series and it's safe to say many of them have been left wanting more. 

Upright Header

Fans want more!

It certainly hasn't taken viewers long to heap praise on the series.

Many have already taken to social media and demands for a second season have been flooding in.

One fan commented on Twitter: "Upright was amazing, had my mind going the whole way through, i loved it. Will there be a 2nd series?"

While another excitedly commented: "OMFG, What a show, it's the best Show if ever watched in all my 18 years of being on this earth, i not sure if i'm the only one but I WANT SEASON 2, EVERYONE GO WATCH UPRIGHT NOW."

Meanwhile, this viewer, who was blown away by Upright's season finale has high expectations if a second season if forthcoming: "Dammit!!! Ep 8 of #Upright is the best ep ever!! So emotional and powerful Season 2 better be on the same level as ep 8!! (If not on a whole new level)"

Even the show's main star and writer, Tim Minchin has been blown away by the incredible reaction to the series.

Will there be a season 2?

At the time of writing, nothing has been announced regarding the future of Upright from either Sky, Foxtel (the Australian network showing Upright) or Tim Minchin himself.

However, if the reaction to the series is anything to go by, and viewing figures show some promise, there is little reason why we can't see Tim Minchin and Milly Alcock team up again for another batch of episodes.

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