Who is the Sainsbury's 2019 Christmas advert actress? Instagram and previous roles!

Sainsbury's Christmas ad 2019

The Mary Ann Sainsbury actress is certainly worth noting.

Sainsbury's latest Christmas advert still has audiences spellbound, but who is the actress in it?

The big day is fast approaching, and honestly, we can't wait! The company, the presents, the laughs, the food.

Arguably, the best part of the day is sitting down at the table after all of the hard work and tucking into a glorious meal with your loved ones - the washing up still feels miles away. 

Every year, there is always someone to raise the inevitable question: "Right, which advert wins Christmas this year then?"

It's been an incredibly good year for festive ads, with highlights coming from IKEA, John Lewis, Aldi and, of course, Sainsbury's. It'll be interesting to see which effort is crowned, but we suspect this one could swing it...

Sainsbury's Christmas ad 2019

Sainsbury's Christmas advert 

Considering they're celebrating 150 years of trading in 2019, we knew they'd come out with something special.

They whisk us back to the beginning of it all. It's Christmas Eve in 1869 and young boy Nicholas the Sweep is being soldiered along with his friends to a sweeping job by a cruel master.

The orange glow of the clementines on display at the Sainsbury's store entices them, but they are denied the fruit, only for Nicholas to catch the master stealing some. As one rolls to the floor, he attempts to pick it up and is swiftly accused of theft, banished into the cold. 

However, Mary Ann Sainsbury saw the truth and goes out to find Nicholas, giving him a sack of clementines. Instead of keeping them to himself, he gives them to his friends as a Christmas gift, and as a gift to the master, he presents a lump of coal. We then watch him disappear into the distance. It's a cool little take on Santa Claus, and we'd argue it's definitely in the running for best Christmas ad. 

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Sainsbury's 2019 Christmas advert actress

The actress who plays Mary Ann Sainsbury is Bethan Cullinane!

She is known for her work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, boasting roles in such productions as King Lear (Lady), Cymbeline (Innogen) and Hamlet (Guildenstern) in 2016.

As far as TV work goes, she was also in a 2018 episode of Casualty (she played Laura Broughton). Then, there is her short film work, which includes 2012's Thyme (Sally Montague), Alpha: Omega (Min) and Hayley Alien (Woman on Bench).

Her next project is a comedy-drama short called Rebecca, in which she plays the titular role. 

Follow Bethan Cullinane on Instagram!

If you'd like to keep up to date with her work, you can find her over on Insta at @bethcul.

She currently has 479 followers, and there's a pretty great post on the sunny set of the advert which shows her eating some watermelon in costume, along with the caption: "Saving Christmas one watermelon at a time."

Not what we expected the set of the snowy ad to look like!

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