A simple guide for how to unlock armor in Halo Reach on PC by getting Season Points.

Halo Reach is available to download and play on Steam, and it’s been a huge success so far as it became one of the platform’s most-played titles as soon as it launched. With there being a huge community of players experiencing its multiplayer thrills and action, it’s only natural that there are a bunch of questions being asked, with one of the most recurring involving how to get Season Points and how to unlock armor.

The port for Halo Reach on PC is said to be mostly fantastic, but there have been some qualms about its audio issues as well as problems with getting the voice chat to properly work. But, away from those notable flaws, the port is indeed largely fine and enjoyable.

And there’s plenty for you to do with unlocking armor through Season Points.

How do you unlock armor in Halo Reach on PC?

You unlock armor in Halo Reach by getting Season Points.

Armor, visual effects, FireFight voice lines and other bonus content were previously unlocked by spending Credits, but now its Season Points only.

The good news is that obtaining Season Points is a straightforward task, whereas the bad news is that it may take you a while to reach a certain tier that boasts the armor or helmet you most desire.

How do you get Season Points in Halo Reach?

You get Season Points in Halo Reach just by playing the game.

Season Points act as the in-game currency and they are given every time your rank increases through completing multiplayer activities and enjoying FireFight.

You can use the form of in-game currency to unlock armor and to tweak your character’s voice in FireFight mode.

There are 100 tiers available and they each come with unique rewards, meaning 343 Industries can you keep you hooked and addicted by promising to gift you with more goodies for your hard work, effort and commitment.

Although Halo Reach has a seasonal model, you needn’t worry about your unlocked armor and other freebies becoming null once the next season rolls around. Your unlocked goods will forever be free and available.

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