Giri/Haji’s ending has left some fans scratching their heads but, let’s be honest, the show couldn’t have ended any other way.

Giri/Haji has proven to be a TV revelation for those that watched.

The beautifully stylised Anglo-Japanese drama has hooked viewers in from the first minute with its tale of Yakuza gangsters, London-based cops and troubled souls.

Now though, the slick cop drama has come to an end in a way that only it could and left the majority of its viewers singing the show’s praise.

However, for some, the almost fantastical ending has left somewhat of a question mark hanging over the end of the show especially that climactic interpretive dance scene.

But what does it all mean?

The story of Giri/Haji

For the most part, the story of Giri/Haji follows Kenzo, a world-weary detective who travels to London in search of his brother, Yuto, after he gets involved with the troublesome Yakuza gangs.

Kenzo ends up partnering himself with a by-the-books detective, who has fallen out of favour in her department, and they set to work chasing down Yuto.

Giri/Haji’s ending

We’ll get onto that surprising dance number in a moment but first, we’ll just discuss where Giri/Haji leaves us as the final credits roll.

After spending the whole series trying to snatch Yuto away from the grip of the Yakuza, Kenzo is left with an impossible choice as his daughter, Taki, is captured by the notorious thugs who are only willing to let her go if they get Yuto.

After one heck of a climactic stand-off, Kenzo is reunited with his daughter but Yuto is forced to go on the run once again, effectively leaving the series back at square one.

There is definitely room for a second series, with loose threads hanging between Kenzo and Sarah, but as the narrator mentions at the start of the episode, and Taki at the end, this final episode seems to be where the story ends. 

That dance scene

When viewers were left with the image of a Western-style stand-off, what many did not expect was to see the character suddenly break out into interpretive dance. 

However, as Taki almost falls to her death from a tall building, time appears to stop, the images turn to black and white, similar to a scene from 2017’s The Shape of Water, and suddenly we are greeted with a two-minute dance number.

The Yakuza gang members disappear for a moment as key characters, mostly Kenzo and Yuto’s family members, as well as Rodney, appear on the rooftop for a scene that will certainly leave fans talking. 

Now, you could go into this scene and perform a thorough in-depth analysis but on the surface of things, it would appear that we are given a quick glance into each of the main character’s emotions and relationships in this split-second moment.

The focus is definitely on Kenzo as we see him and Yuto almost fighting, him and Sarah sharing a reluctant, almost forbidden kiss and Taki trying to wriggle free from her father’s hugs.

The scene is simply a snapshot of what each of the characters means to Kenzo and how they feel about him. His relationship with Yuto is obviously flawed but, as they’re brothers, they still care for each other.

He and Sarah have clearly become close while working together, even though a relationship between the pair probably shouldn’t happen.

And then there’s Taki, who wriggles out of her overbearing father’s hugs, desperate, it seems, to spread her own wings.  

It’s certainly a scene that pops up out of the blue but it’s refreshing to see something different for change and, let’s be honest, Giri/Haji couldn’t have ended any other way.

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