Spotify Wrapped 2019 is here but it’s not working for everyone.

The time has finally arrived for Spotify Wrapped 2019 where the music streaming app reveals users’ stats, such as most-listened-to songs, albums and artists from the past year.

It’s been a fan-favourite feature for Spotify users over the past few years, letting fans delve into their music habits during the last 12 months.

It almost makes you wish that other apps and sites did similar things. Can you imagine if Netflix let you know how much time you spent binge-watching in 2019?

However, despite the annual festivities of checking up to see which artist has filled your ears most in the past year, reports have come in from some Spotify users claiming that the feature isn’t working for them.

Spotify Wrapped 2019

Spotify Wrapped 2019 again follows the same principals as it has for the past few years, allowing users to keep track of their favourite songs and artists from the last 12 months.

But, with 2019 being the last year in the decade of the 2010s, Spotify have gone one step further this year by including a Decade Wrapped feature that shows you your most-listened-to music from over the past 10 years, nevermind the past few months. 

It’s not working for some fans

However, despite thousands of fans enjoying their yearly stats dump, many Spotify users have taken to social media to report that the feature is not working for them.

Issues seem to have arisen for some simply getting the Wrapped tab to open while others have reported freezes during the ‘story’ as it takes you through each section of your listening habits.

One disgruntled Spotify user commented: “i pay for spotify premium and i cant even check my wrapped cause its not working what the f**k am i paying for” while another added: “I love that everyone else’s spotify wrapped is working but not mine.”

Is there there a fix?

At the time of writing, Spotify are yet announce anything regarding a fix through their official support account on Twitter. 

Of course, the Spotify Wrapped feature not working could simply be down to the sheer volume of people trying to use it at once or potentially could be due to slightly different release times worldwide.

It could be worth trying again in a few hours once the traffic dies down but if the issues persist you can report the problem by contacting @SpotifyCares on Twitter. 

As of December 6th, 24 hours after Spotify Wrapped’s launch, users are still having issues with the feature and Spotify appear not to have acknowledged the issue on social media.

As with any piece of technology, it could be worth trying the age-old fix of turning it off and on again. This is not guaranteed to work but you could try logging out of your account and then back in again or possibly deleting the app altogether before reinstalling it to your phone. 

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