Feast your eyes on the meme of the decade – as voted by you!

As the end of 2019 draws closer, so too does the end of the 2010s decade and it’s fairly safe to say that the world has been transformed over these last 10 years.

One of the defining factors in the 2010s has been the mass uptake of social media and in turn that saw the birth of what has now become the meme.

Forget ‘bringing the world together’, social media’s biggest achievement in the last 10 years has undoubtedly been the rise of the meme, beautiful moments of bitesize comedy that make any visit to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram worth your time. 

There have been countless memes that have come to light in the past 10 years but one stands out as the defining meme of the decade.  

Doge is named meme of the decade!

According to a poll conducted by The Tab, which surveyed over 3,000 people, the Doge meme has been voted the meme of the decade and, let’s be honest, it was only ever going to be the Doge, wasn’t it.

The adorably cute dog, often joined by phrases in the comic sans font, was arguably the first truly viral meme and it’s no wonder that the iconic image has become a firm favourite.

It was a close-run thing, however, as the Doge meme only just won The Tab’s poll with a 200 vote margin ahead of the ‘Woman Yelling at Cat’ meme that has also been a popular choice over the years.

Honourable mentions

In total, The Tab’s poll listed a possible 26 nominees for the vote which included some true classics.

Among the options to choose from we had the Distracted Boyfriend meme, Grumpy Cat, Drake’s Hotline Bling, the Blinking Man meme and Meryl Streep yelling all to choose from

However, there was only ever going to be one winner. 

The story behind the Doge meme 

The Doge meme has arguably been around the longest and its history stretches as far back as 2010 when, according to The Verge,  Japanese teacher Atsuko Sato posted a fateful photo of her dog, Kabosu, to her blog.

Yep, that’s right, Doge’s real name is Kabuso and is a Shiba Inu breed of dog.

It all could have been very different for Kabuso as she was a puppy mill dog who was adopted by Atsuko Sato in 2008 and unless she had been adopted probably would have been put down.

Not only has Atsuko enjoyed many years with her adorably furry friend but the internet has marvelled as the Doge meme has become a staple of social media.

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