It’s certainly been a hectic week for the radio presenter.

If you’re a TalkRadio fan, then Matthew Wright’s Twitter demands your attention. 

There has been a lot of talk just recently about the fate of the 54-year-old radio presenter’s career on the station. 

He has a wealth of fans, and indeed, has done for many years now. The popular figure previously worked for the tabloid newspaper The Sun as a Journalist, as well as The Daily Mirror. 

However, he later pursued television work, carving out a legacy as host of The Wright Stuff, a topical talk show on Channel 5. He held down the position for 18 years beginning in 2000, but in the last couple of years, people have been tuning in to him on TalkRadio on weekdays. 

So, what’s happened then?

Matthew Wright sacking rumours

Here’s how the talk started…

According to the Express, discussion began when the Mail Online wrote that he had lost his job with “immediate effect”.

Schmigadoon! – Official Trailer

This was written after a source asserted: “Matthew’s had his contract terminated with immediate effect after relations turned sour between him and several of the producers… He received an email telling him not to come in as of today, with Kevin and Kait stepping in to fill in his regular slot.”

They also wrote that Kevin O’Sullivan and Kait Borsay would serve as replacements, according to the earlier source [Express].  


Matthew Wright on Twitter

Check out some of Matthew Wright’s recent tweets regarding the situation:





Matthew Wright clears up TalkRadio talk

The Express confirms that he has returned as host and notes that he says he’ll be “here [TalkRadio] into the New Year and maybe even beyond” but he also addressed that “we could be dragged out of here at a moment’s notice”.

Clearing things up about the rumours and so forth, he weighed in: “It was all a bit chaotic last night … I turn up for work today as I was expected to do… Guess what happened … We were told we were going to be signing new contracts… So we’ve not been fired with immediate effect … We’re not going our separate ways as I thought might happen at Christmas.”

That’s that, then!

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