Netflix: Is Magic for Humans fake? Justin Willman addresses disbelief!

Magic for Humans

If you believe in magic, then you'll be familiar with Justin's work.

If you've seen as much as a single trick orchestrated in Magic for Humans, then it's probably crossed your mind...

"Oh, that must be fake," you may have shouted at your TV or to the people watching with you. "No, I don't believe it, that can't be real!"

Sound familiar? Of course it does. 

The show features the 39-year-old Justin Willman, who you may recognise for a range of things. He has served as the host of such shows as Cupcake Wars, King of Cones and Win, Lose or Draw. However, the TV personality is better known as a magician, wowing audiences everywhere with his baffling tricks. 

He's an incredibly charismatic performer, so it was no surprise to hear he scored his own magic show.  

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Magic for Humans on Netflix

The highly entertaining Magic for Humans first arrived on Netflix back in August 2018. 

Across six episodes, we follow Justin as he performs a wide range of jaw-dropping and astonishing tricks out on the street. It's amazing to watch him at work, but one of the best things about it is watching people react. 

However, some audiences at home inevitably act rather differently, dismissing it as fake with cross stares. 

Now it has returned for season 2, so we ask... is it?

Justin Willman on Magic for Humans being fake

In a 2018 interview with Bustle, Justin asserted: 

"I’m proud to say that all the illusions in the show were accomplished without any camera tricks, and all of the reactions are 100% real." 

He continued: "I’m aware that by the very nature of editing a show you’re manipulating reality, so we went to great lengths to not cut away during any of the crucial magic moments throughout the series. Hopefully viewers will appreciate this effort and enjoy a little escape from reality."

With six new episodes now available to stream on Netflix, his words are worth taking into consideration once again.


Audiences talk Magic for Humans on Twitter

Since the show first arrived on Netflix, it has divided audiences on Twitter.

One wrote: "I feel like most of the tricks in Magic for Humans are probably not editing but some of them are really good and I for the life of me cannot figure them out."

Another once tweeted: "So like... Magic for Humans isn’t real right?" which seems to be a fairly common reaction to the series' mysteries. Similarly, this viewer weighed in: "There is no way this Magic for Humans show is real."

Well, Justin is confident that it is! Perhaps going to a live show is on the cards. 

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