343 Industries have responded to the complaints about the audio issues for Halo Reach on PC by saying they will release a fix sometime in the future.

Halo Reach is now available to download and play on Steam, and its arrival on the platform has been a huge success in regard to numbers thanks to it becoming a most-played game on launch day. Yet, while a lot of people are playing it, numerous members of the community are vocally complaining about a plethora of audio issues such as it crackling.

The port for Halo Reach is said to be mostly fantastic thanks to its extensive array of maps at launch, but fans are saying that the audio issues are making it neigh on impossible to play. In response to the overwhelming amount of shrieking online, 343 Industries have provided an explanation as well as promised that they will deliver a fix.

However, there’s no telling when this much-clamoured for fix will arrive.

How to fix Halo Reach audio issues on PC

There’s no fix for the Halo Reach audio issues on PC.

343 Industries will provide a fix sometime in the future, but they haven’t shared an estimated date as it will apparently “take some time” to deliver.

In a Halo Waypoint blog post, 343 Industries have provided an explanation as to why there are so many audio issues.

“To update Halo: Reach for Xbox One and PC required entirely changing the encoding for the game’s audio, which has resulted in it sounding different from the original release.”

“We are aware that areas of the title don’t sound like what you or we ideally want them to.”

As for a fix, 343 Industries have said that it “will take some time to work through solutions to improve the overall experience for audio, and that work is already underway”.

According to several posts across social media platforms such as Reddit and forums on Steam, the most pressing issues with the audio appear to be crackling noises and popping.

But, to make matters worse, in addition to the “terrible audio,” players have also been complaining about horrible motion blur and stuttering.

Halo Reach audio issues

Below you can find some tweets from people reporting about the audio issues with Halo Reach on PC.

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