Does Veronika Didusenko have a husband? Inside the life of banned Miss World model

Contestant Natalya Stroeva (C) of Russia at the Miss World 2018 beauty pageant. Artyom Ivanov

Ukranian model Veronika Didusenko is taking a stand against Miss World after she was banned from competing due to being a mother.

The Miss World beauty pageant was first introduced in 1951 by British TV show host Eric Morely and is the oldest pageant of its kind in recent history.

For nearly 70 years, Miss World has been at the forefront of the beauty pageant industry but questions are now being asked if the pageant is still relevant in 2019.

The debate has been rumbling for a number of years but has sprung into a new lease of life after Ukranian model Veronika Didusenko was banned from competing after it emerged that the 24-year-old is a mother to a young son and is a divorcee. 

But what else do we know about Veronika Didusenko and her fight against discrimination in Miss World?

Meet Veronika Didusenko

Veronika Didusenko has recently hit the headlines after it emerged that the 24-year-old had been banned from competing in the prestigious Miss World beauty pageant after it came to light that she was a mother to a young son.

Veronika won the 2018 Miss Ukraine beauty pageant, a qualifying event for Miss World, but she was stripped of her Miss Ukraine title and banned from competing in Miss World after she revealed that she had a child, something which supposedly contravenes the Miss World rulebook. 

As a result, the 24-year-old has started a highly-publicised campaign against the beauty pageant with her story making its way into some of the biggest publications in the UK and beyond.

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My dear followers!❤️ ⠀ I’m so impressed, happy, proud and overwhelmed with our media coverage in the UK. ⠀ I can’t believe we could raise so much awareness to our campaign #righttobeamother which aims to change the discriminatory entry requirements of international beauty pageants to allow all women to participate. ⠀ I would like to see @Missworld and the other global running beauty pageants which seem to be stuck in the dark ages lift all entry restrictions so that these competitions are truly representative of all women in society today. ⠀ Thousands of people have supported my campaign #righttobeamother across social media and I regularly receive thank you notes. I’m grateful to each one of you!!! Nothing would happen without your support, inspiration, help, courage, all of the stories you shared with me. ⠀ THANK YOU!

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Veronika's family life 

As mentioned, Veronika shares her life with her five-year-old son, Alexander.

Veronika had her son while in her first marriage but that ended in divorce, which is another factor being held against her in her stand against Miss World.

The 24-year-old is not currently married but is believed to be engaged to Ukranian businessman Gennadiy Kurochka after the pair announced their engagement in December 2018.

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I said YES❤️

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Taking a stand against Miss World

After being banned from the Miss World competition, Veronika is taking a high-profile stand against the beauty pageant and has launched a campaign against Miss World dubbed #righttobeamother.

It is understood that Veronika is seeking to take legal action against Miss World after she was stripped of her Miss Ukraine title and banned from competing in Miss World. 

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