Some Arsenal players ‘totally blanked’ their matchday mascot recently and the Tottenham Hotspur legend isn’t happy.

Tottenham Hotspur legend Graham Roberts has taken a swipe at Arsenal’s Calum Chambers.

The Gunners defender posted photos on Twitter of he and his team-mates engaging with a young boy who was picked as their mascot for Sunday’s 2-2 draw at Norwich City.

But a video on City’s Snapchat story showed Chambers and a number of Arsenal players walking past the child without acknowledging him as they entered Carrow Road.

A number of Tottenham fans have slated their North London rivals for the snub, in a week where Spurs boss Jose Mourinho and his players have gone out of their way to make a ball boy feel special after his pre-assist in the Champions League.

Chambers hit back at the criticism, but Roberts said that the pre-match footage is damning enough.

Roberts might be right here.

Chambers and the Arsenal lads clearly embraced young Billy after the game, but it did look quite cold of them before the game to stroll past him as if he wasn’t there.

All in all, Tottenham and particularly Mourinho have come out of this far better from a PR perspective, in regards to interaction with young fans – or ball boys – of their club.

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