A simple guide for how to quickly break ten barrels in Mario Kart Tour during its London event.

Mario Kart Tour has taken people to one of the most overrated destinations on the planet, London in the United Kingdom. While you can’t race against the royal family inside Buckingham Palace, there is a plethora of new challenges for you to complete such as breaking ten barrels.

Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour has been a huge success as it has been downloaded more times than Call Of Duty Mobile, and it has also recently been dubbed one of the best casual games of 2019 by the Google Play Store.

If you haven’t been able to put your phone down since September thanks to Nintendo’s mobile adaptation as opposed to an unhealthy addiction with social media, then below you’ll find a simple-to-follow guide for how to quickly break ten barrels.

How to break ten barrels in Mario Kart Tour

You must compete on the London Loop course to break ten barrels in Mario Kart Tour.

This is the first race in the Daisy Cup, and it’s one you’ll probably only have to repeat three times in order to break ten barrels.

The Mario Kart Tour challenge doesn’t need to be completed in a single race, so it’s essentially a doddle to achieve. All you need to do is successfully drift around the bends and hug the sides in order to break the targeted objects.

You can break barrels by throwing items such as Green Shells and Bombs at them, but the easiest course of method is to simply drive into them like a maniac.

To make the challenge even less stressful, you’ll want to compete at 50CC so you can race at a lower level and stay in front of the competition as they follow you from behind.

There are eight barrels in the race and you’ll likely be able to take out four of them during a single competition due to there being two on the left and two on the right.

Provided you break four barrels during a sole race, you should only need to repeat the course a total of three times.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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