Halo Reach: How to change your name on PC

Halo Reach How To Change Your Name On PC

Everything you must know about how to change your name for Halo Reach on PC.

Halo Reach is now available to download and play on PC with Steam, and this is fantastic news for series veterans as the port is said to be largely great. With that being said, there are a number of players who are confused about how to change their name.

There's no crossplay between Xbox One and PC for Halo Reach meaning you can't play with your mates from one platform when using the other. But, despite that being the case, you still need an Xbox account in order to play on Steam.

This is what has resulted in the confusion and queries from people about how to change their Halo Reach name as they're having to use an Xbox Live gamertag instead of their Steam username.

How to change your Halo Reach name on PC

To change your Halo Reach name on PC you must visit account.xbox.com.

Once you've proceeded there, you must then sign in with the account you're using for Halo Reach and the Master Chief Collection on PC.

After you've done that, you'll want to click on your avatar in the top-right corner and then select Xbox Profile.

Now select Customise, click the pen icon next to your Xbox gamertag and then change your name to whatever you wish.

You can only do this for the cost of nada once. If you've already used your free gamertag name change in the past, you'll be asked to pay £7.99.

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Once you've changed your name, you will then want to restart Steam to see if the desired affect has been made when you play Halo Reach once again.

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