The Big Give Christmas Challenge is back for 2019!

Christmas has always been a time for giving. Whether that’s giving presents to friends and family or donating money to charity, it really is the summer of the soul in December. 

For the past few years, The Big Give has led the way at Christmas time and has been a core component in the generosity shown at this time of year.

As they have done in the past, The Big Give have launched their annual Big Give Christmas Challenge with the aim of donating as much money to charity as possible.

But just what is the Big Give Christmas Challenge and how do you get involved?  

What is the Big Give Christmas Challenge?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge has been running since 2008 after Sir Alec Reed set up the charity drive to help out those in need at Christmas.

What the Big Give Challenge does is allows you to donate to any number of charities, of which there are many to choose, and matches the donations made by members of the public in order to increase the amount each charity receives.

It’s an event that has run each year since 2008 and has raised over £100 million in that time.   

How to get involved

Taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge couldn’t be easier.

All you need to do is head over to The Big Give’s website, pick a charity and donate and what’s more impressive is that partners of The Big Give will double any donation you make.

What charities are there to support?

There are hundreds of charities you are able to support.

Each year, the number of charities partnered with The Big Give has increased and most recently in 2018, the largest ever campaign saw £13.3 million donated to a remarkable 589 charities. 

2019 will no doubt see an impressive range of charities to choose from so it’s wise to read into the ones available on the site and choose a charity that resonates with you. 

The Big Give Christmas Challenge will run from December 3rd until noon on December 10th, 2019.

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