Spend Christmas with these familiar comic favourites.

So, 2019 is approaching a close, but don’t let it slip away without getting your hands on the Beano Christmas Special!

Ahh, The Beano… so many memories. It may come as no surprise at all that it’s the longest-running British kids comic. It first emerged way back in the summer of 1938 and began being published weekly. 

Since then, it has become one of the UK’s best selling comics, and actually, 2019 has been a rather special year for the magazine. That’s right – they actually published their 4,000th issue back in August. 

It’s long and entertaining history is undeniable, and to this day, so many adoring fans remain. Characters like Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger and so many more have been going strong for decades, so let’s celebrate Christmas with them for yet another year… 


Beano Christmas Special 2019: How to buy

“All aboard the Arctic Express!”

You can purchase the Beano Christmas Special 2019 over at the DC Thompson Shop website

It costs £5.99. 

The product description reads: “Beano Christmas Special is back! You’re invited to spend Christmas in Beanotown with Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie, the Bash Street Kids and all your Beano favourites! 68 pages bursting with Beano puzzles, comics, quizzes, jokes, things to make and much more.”

What more could you want! 


Beano Annual 2020 now available!

Every year, the Beano Annual is always a popular Christmas present. 

So, it’s a no-brainer to pick up the 2020 edition as a gift or for yourself. You can but it on the official Beano website for £4.99 – it’s actually dropped in price from £7.99. 

On the page, it says: “It’s the 80th Birthday Beano Annual 2019! Celebrating 80 years of the world’s longest-running weekly comic, read (and read again) through 112 pages of brand new, hilariously funny stories inside the nation’s number one annual.”

Be sure to pick one up. 


Beano Christmas merchandise

It’s not all about print!

There are a range of Beano gifts available this year on the official website shop.  

These include Gnasher jumpers in both adults and kids sizes, t-shirts, but also tote bags with the same design. Then there are other extras like the tankard gift set, mug and socks gift set and more. 

They even have Monopoly!

In other news, get to know the cast of Merry Happy Whatever.