Liverpool and Manchester United don’t have video screens at their stadiums.

VAR hasn’t exactly worked perfectly this season, and there are a number of issues for the Premier League to work through if it’s going to be a success.

From decisions taking too long to referees not being able to go across and look at footage, VAR needs some fine-tuning over the course of the season and heading into next term.

One of the big concerns has been that fans inside the stadium aren’t giving enough of an explanation about the decisions being made, leaving supporters hugely frustrated.

With offsides being given for millimetres and handballs being a constant issue, fans want more knowledge of situations – which they have a right to as paying supporters.

One man who could now become involved in the situation is Arsene Wenger, after the former Arsenal boss became FIFA’s new Chief of Global Football Development.

Wenger will have a growing influence in world football, including how VAR is implemented in England having at an International Football Association Board meeting in Belfast.

Wenger has now spoken to Sky Sports about VAR, feeling that it’s working better than people really think, but did point out a ‘problem’ at Anfield and Old Trafford.

The Frenchman noted that Liverpool and Manchester United – two of the biggest clubs in the country – don’t have video screens inside their stadiums to show fans what is going on, and called on both clubs to resolve the matter in the future by improving their technology inside the stadium.

“At the moment, you have two big clubs [Manchester United and Liverpool] with no screens. That is a problem that has to be resolved as well in the future,” said Wenger. “I think it’s working much better than we think. You want VAR to intervene at the right moment. They are not the ones who should make the decisions but the ones who help the referees make the right decisions,” he added.

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