Possible explanations for why your Amazon Prime Football Premier League stream is crashing and freezing.

Amazon Prime streamed Premier League football fixtures yesterday including Burnley vs. Manchester City, and the platform is streaming more tonight including the mighty Wolves vs. West Ham. However, judging by the events of last night, you will more than likely face a few errors and issues that could include crashing and freezing.

Many people were complaining last night about their Amazon Prime Premier League streams crashing and freezing, and this resulted in people suggesting that the service is dead on arrival and that they have cancelled their subscription.

While there might not be much you can do about the many reported issues people have been facing, hopefully Amazon can provide an explanation as to why your viewing experience is so bad.

How to fix Amazon Prime Premier League football not working

Amazon Prime recommends a minimum download speed of 1 Mbps for SD and 5 Mbps for HD to avoid streaming issues such as crashing and freezing.

If you don’t meet these minimum requirements, then this is probably why you’re experiencing crashing and freezing during your Amazon Prime Premier League stream.

For those whose complaints are about the delay of the Premier League streams, then there is no solution for this as the BBC reports that it’s a matter-of-fact issue.

If you’re getting hit with a location error, then this is because Amazon Prime Premier League matches are only available to customers based in the UK.

Prime Video doesn’t support streaming through Virtual Pirate Network or proxy connections; you must disable these services on your device.

As for which devices support live Amazon Prime Premier League streams, you can watch football on all of the popular systems listed below:

  • PS4

  • Xbox One

  • Google Chromecast

  • BT TV

  • TalkTalk TV

  • Virgin TV

  • Roku

  • Apple TV

  • iOS and Android devices

Provided you can’t find Live Sport on your iOS or Android device, Amazon recommends simply updating the Prime app.

Amazon Prime is also compatible with Smart TVs, but the platform is no longer supported on the below devices (via the Evening Standard):

If all of the above isn’t an issue for you, then the bad news is that there is no miracle fix that has been shared online.

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