Visit Eroda explained: Harry Styles makes it the centre of his ‘Adore You’ video trailer

Harry Styles 'Adore You' Official Video Trailer

The mystery of Eroda has been solved at long last.

Visit Eroda? Well played, Harry Styles... well played, indeed. 

Over the years, Harry has become a global phenomenon in himself. The 25-year-old English musician blew away The X Factor audiences back in 2010 as part of the boy band One Direction, but that was just the start.

Many were astonished when they only finished in third place, behind Rebecca Ferguson and winner Matt Cardle. However, they pretty much went on to achieve more success than any other contestant on the show. They were essentially the biggest musical act on the planet for years, with a number of music enthusiasts comparing their success and stardom to that of The Beatles in their heyday. 

After years of relentless hitmaking, the group announced their hiatus in 2016, and we have seen members try their luck at solo projects. The most notable solo career so far has arguably been Harry's. He released his self-titled debut album in 2017 and even starred in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk that year. 

Fans have been anticipating his sophomore effort ever since, but his potential return has been clouded with talk of an island named Eroda... 

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SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Harry Styles" Episode 1773 -- Pictured: (l-r) Host Harry Styles and Kenan Thompson during Promos in Studio 8H on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 --

Harry Styles 'Adore You': Official video trailer

The 'Adore You' official video trailer description on YouTube reads: 

"In all the seas, in all the world, there has never been a land quite like the isle of Eroda. Shaped unmistakably like a frown, it is home to all but forgotten fishing village that has had perpetual cloud cover for as long as anyone can remember. An isle where some still believe that it’s bad luck to mention a pig in a fisherman’s pub. Where seeing a minster in the morning, meant you should go home immediately.

"Some fishermen still wore a single gold earring for luck, some say it’s to pay to have your body buried if you die in a strange port. It was also frowned upon to be caught whistling in the wind, in fear you might turn a gust into a gale. And if ever you leave Eroda, avoid doing so on odd-numbered days… everyone was always frowning anyway. Which they referred to as Resting Fish Face.

"But then…well, something peculiar happened…or I mean…someone peculiar happened. The Boy was... peculiar... from the moment he entered the world. No one ever meant to be mean towards him, but in a town grown used to the way things were, no one knew what to do with something... different. They did their very best to ignore it... hoping it would go away... and eventually so did The Boy.

"He had lost his smile and without it, the world grew darker, the wind colder, and the ocean more violent. The Boy was not alone in his melancholy. He wondered what could bring despair to something so beautiful. He tried to ignore the fish, but loneliness is an ocean full of travellers trying to find their place in the world.

"But without friendship, we are all lost and left with no hope, no home, no harbour. He wondered what cruel twist of fate brought them together, and if fate was indeed involved, what did she have in store."

Harry Styles: Visit Eroda explained

People have been baffled recently by talk of Eroda. 

Why? Because there have been brochures, twitter accounts, Visit Eroda campaigns and even a website promoting this land that nobody has heard of before. It's had people seriously confused, until now. 

The video trailer for Harry Styles' new single 'Adore You' has helped clear things up. Of course, "Eroda" is "adore" backwards, so it looks like we could be getting an incredibly ambitious concept album or something along those lines. After all, would he really go to such great lengths for a single song? Perhaps...

The fictional land of Eroda will serve as the location for the official 'Adore You' video, which is set to be released on Friday, December 6th 2019. We suspect this won't be the last we see of it either. 


Fans react to Harry Styles Eroda video

There have been some great and hilarious reactions to all of this Eroda business on Twitter. 

Check out some of the best below:





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