Has Vienna Blood series 2 been confirmed? BBC Two title leaves fans wanting more!

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Audiences aren't finished with these television detectives.

Vienna Blood series 2 feels downright essential after such a short burst of episodes. 

The BBC Two title has gone down a treat with audiences, and when looking at the creator behind it, we're hardly surprised. It comes courtesy of Steve Thompson, who has acted as a writer on more than a handful of impressive efforts over the years. 

He wrote three episodes of the hit series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman - 'The Sign of Three', 'The Reichenbach Fall', 'The Blind Banker' - and his other credits also include Doctor Who, Doctors, Sinbad, Deep State and Jericho, of which he also served as executive producer. 

Then when you grace the cast with the likes of Jürgen Maurer (Anatomy of Evil), Matthew Beard (The Imitation Game), Amelia Bullmore (Gentleman Jack) and more, you have a winner. 

So, will we see Vienna Blood return?

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Vienna Blood Main Cast

Vienna Blood: Series 2 confirmed?

As of yet, Vienna Blood series 2 has not been confirmed. 

The first series concluded with its third episode on Monday, December 2nd 2019 and it still feels like we're only just getting to know the intriguing array of characters it presents. 

After all, it's an adaptation of The Notebooks of Max Liebermann written by London author Frank Tallis, and there are six books. So, plenty of source material to work with!

It also wasn't released under the banner of a limited series, so it's likely we'll see more. Many have compared the series to Sherlock, which isn't exactly surprising when you note that Steve worked on both. Let's hope the former show's success is experienced by Vienna Blood as it potentially progresses. 

We'll keep an eye out for any updates as they come. 

Fans talk Vienna Blood on Twitter

It's gone down pretty well, and fans have already flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts.

One recently wrote: "Well, I enjoyed #ViennaBlood; a short series which always looked fabulous; good acting; interesting scripts. Let's hope for more."

Similarly, this fan added: "#ViennaBlood please tell me it's coming back loved his programme," while another wrote: "Another splendid episode of #ViennaBlood. I’m really hoping for a second season."

That seems to be the opinion again in this tweet: "There just has to be a second series of #viennablood - 3 episodes is far too short for such a classy programme. I've loved it!"

We wholeheartedly agree. 


Steve Thompson and Leonardo 

Although the fate of Vienna Blood is currently uncertain, we have more of Steve Thompson's work to look forward to...

That's right. He has worked as a writer on the forthcoming series Leonardo, which will be a biographical drama reflecting upon the stories scattered across his incredible works. 

It's sure to be an interesting piece of work, and cast as Leonardo we have Aidan Turner, who is best known for playing Ross Poldark in Poldark and Kili in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. He will also star alongside Matilda De Angelis (Italian Race), Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) and more. 

Let's hope it doesn't get in the way of more Vienna Blood - we're optimistic that it won't!

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