The streaming service has delivered one of the year’s most effective horror films.

Endings are always important, and talk has recently turned to The Hole in the Ground’s departing scene. 

Although Halloween has been and gone and Christmas is fast approaching, we horror fans won’t settle for anything less than terror on our screens!

The genre offers great entertainment all year round, and yes, Netflix is a great place to head to for some quality viewing. Often, avid Netflix audiences critique the service’s film output, but there are some real gems on there, especially when it comes to horror. 

We’re talking the likes of The Invitation, Psycho, The Wailing, As Above, So Below, Climax, mother!  – there are plenty. At the moment though, all eyes are on the recently added The Hole in the Ground. 

The Hole in the Ground on Netflix

Netflix viewers have been flocking to watch The Hole in the Ground, directed by Lee Cronin from a screenplay he wrote with Stephen Shields.

It centres upon a mother named Sarah (played by Seána Kerslake) who is living in the Irish countryside with her young son Chris (James Quinn Markey). However, all is not well…

She begins to suspect that something is wrong with him, and as he begins to demonstrate more and more concerning and disturbing behaviour, a seed is planted. Could the changes he’s exhibiting be connected to the strange sinkhole located in the nearby forest?

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival back in January 2019 and received largely positive critical reception. So far, general audience reaction is middling. 

The Hole in the Ground ending

Sarah discovers that the thing posing as her son is his Doppelgänger, otherwise known as a changeling.

When the thing attempts to kill Sarah, she succeeds in trapping it in the basement, subsequently heading out into the forest to rescue her son from the hole. She eventually finds him and torches her home in hopes of destroying the evil entity within. 

In wake of the events, she moves to the city with Chris to start a whole new life. The paranoia is still there, with Sarah taking measures with an abundance of mirrors around their new home. All seems well, but of course, there is the big reveal. 

After she takes a photo of Chris playing on his bike outside, she notices that his face is blurry in the image, offering disturbing implications that the boy she has rescued is not her son. 

It’s likely that the boy now in her custody is an extension of the entity she attempted to destroy. If this is the case, then her son may still be in the hole…

However. this is where the story ends. 

What else has director Lee Cronin made?

The Hole in the Ground is actually Leo Cronin’s directorial feature debut. 

However, he does have experience in the director’s chair and has helmed such shorts as 2004’s Wilbur & Anto, Through the Night, Billy & Chuck and Ghost Train

He also directed two episodes of the TV series The Masterplan. After his feature film breakthrough, on the other hand, we imagine he’ll deliver a rather impressive sophomore effort in the years to come. Let’s hope so!

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