The western collector’s edition and release date for Persona 5 Royal appear to have been leaked before Atlus’ announcement.

Atlus are making an announcement for Persona 5 Royal on December 3rd at 17:00 GMT, but it appears that Amazon have spoiled the surprise by prematurely revealing a western collector’s edition as well as a release date.

Judging by a listing on Amazon Canada, Persona 5 Royal is coming out in the west on March 31st, 2020. It’ll come with a sweet Phantom Thieves collector’s edition that includes the following:

  • Joker mask with stand

  • Steelbook

  • Soundtrack

  • Collector’s box

  • Artbook

  • Dynamic PS4 theme

If the above leak from Amazon is true, then gamers are in for a terribly exciting March as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Nioh 2 are both pencilled in for the month.

This article will be updated once more and for the final time when Atlus do make their announcement.

Original story:

People in Japan have been able to enjoy Persona 5 Royal since October 31st, but the rest of us have had to sit back with green eyes of envy. Atlus have previously revealed that the much-anticipated game will reach the west in spring 2020, but its specific English release date may have recently been leaked by PlayStation just hours prior to today’s much-anticipated announcement.

Atlus are making an announcement for Persona 5 Royal later today and fans are banking on its English release date being revealed. It’s not nice having to wait for a game that is already available in the developer’s native country, but the good news is that the Phantom Thieves may not take that long to arrive elsewhere.

They could just take a couple of months to capture the heart of every single person once again.

Persona 5 Royal announcement countdown: What time does it start?

Atlus will make their Persona 5 Royal announcement on December 3rd at 17:00 GMT.

This is signalled by a countdown on their Persona 5 Royal website which will reach zero come the aforementioned time in the United Kingdom.

As for what will be announced, that may have been leaked just hours in advance.

What is the English release date for Persona 5 Royal?

The English release date for Persona 5 Royal could be February 20th, 2020.

Prior to Atlus’ December 3rd announcement, the Indonesia and Taiwan PlayStation Stores have listed Persona 5 Royal for February 20th next year.

The stores with the release date have Persona 5 Royal tagged as English and Chinese, suggesting that the pencilled in versions will be applicable to all western territories.

This means it’s likely that North America and Europe will share the same release date.

Although it’s not 100% confirmed, a February release date would be fantastic news for Sony as it would make-up for the delay of The Last Of Us Part 2.

This article will be updated after Atlus make their Persona 5 Royal announcement.

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