The final episode of Netflix’s Merry Happy Whatever pays tribute to an Alice McCarthy but just who is she?

We all need a bit of Christmas cheer as the cold winter weather of December creeps in and Netflix have provided the answer in the form of Merry Happy Whatever.

The family-based Christmas-themed comedy series follows the Quinn family during the run-up to Christmas.

While the series is light-hearted enough, it does end on a sombre note as the credits roll as a tribute pops up to an Alice McCarthy.

Obviously, it’s lovely to see the show pay respect in this manner but just who is this Alice McCarthy? 

Merry Happy Whatever pays tribute to Alice McCarthy

As the final credits roll in the last episode of Merry Happy Whatever, fans are greeted with a quick and loving tribute to Alice McCarthy.

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It’s only a brief tribute but it’s definitely noticeable unless you’ve already pressed to skip the credits. 

Given the fact that the series was almost entirely upbeat, fans can be forgiven for thinking that a member of the show’s cast passed away during filming to warrant such a poignant tribute.

However, that isn’t the case.

Who is Alice McCarthy?

According to Distractify, the Alice McCarthy referred to in the tribute is the mother-in-law of Merry Happy Whatever’s creator, lead writer and executive producer Tucker Cawley.

The reason why he’s dedicated the show to his late mother-in-law, who passed on September 13th this year, is because the show is actually based on Tucker’s own experiences in dealing with his wife’s family during the holiday season.

Alice McCarthy is reported to have had 12 grandchildren so it’s not surprising to see where Merry Happy Whatever gets its crazy family dynamic from if it is indeed loosely based on real events in Tucker Cawley’s life.

Will Merry Happy Whatever be back for a second season in 2020?

It has not yet been confirmed by Netflix whether a second season could be on the cards as the streaming service is no doubt weighing up the viewing figures of the series.

However, it is believed that if the show does indeed get more episodes, it could ditch the Christmas theme and base itself around another holiday, hence the name of the show Merry Happy Whatever. 

Until we learn more, however, season 1 of Merry Happy Whatever is available to stream now on Netflix after arriving on November 28th.

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