Frozen 2 is out now at cinemas which means shops are filling up with Frozen-themed merch just in time for Christmas.

Disney could not have timed the release of Frozen 2 better if they tried. 

Not only is the wintery-themed film out just as the weather is starting to turn just that extra bit colder but it also coincides perfectly with the start of the Christmas present-buying season.

That can mean only one thing, Frozen 2 merch is here, and lots of it.

One of the most sought after toys this year appears to be the singing Anna and Elsa dolls that recite their signature song from the new film if you press a button.

But just where can you buy the singing Elsa doll from Frozen 2? 

Meet the singing Elsa doll from Frozen 2

Accompanying the cinema release of Frozen 2 is the newly released range of singing dolls from the film.

Not only is there a version of Anna available, but Elsa gets her very own singing doll as well and they do a perfect job at encapsulating the characters’ new look from the film. 

The official Disney Store version comes complete with Elsa’s new travel outfit and boots as well as the ability to sing ‘Into the Unknown’ from the film if you twirl the doll’s hand.

The dolls is fully posable with articulation in the arms, legs and neck and also features realistic, rooted hair.

Different versions

While the version above is exclusive to the Disney Store, you will be able to find singing Elsa dolls elsewhere.

However, as you can see from the image below, the version that Disney are selling to other stores is slightly different.

For example, to get this version of Elsa to sing, you press a button on her chest rather than twirling her hand and, as you can see, the doll has a slightly different look as well.

Where to buy

If you hadn’t guessed already, the Disney Store exclusive doll is available direct from Disney, whether that be online or in-store and is currently priced at £17.00 at the time of writing.

Amazon are also selling the Disney Store version but at the slightly more expensive of £27.90

The alternate version is available more widely and can be found online at the likes of Argos, Smyth’s Toys and eBay and are priced at around £20. But do be aware that there are almost identical looking dolls out there called ‘Fashion Dolls’ which are a bit cheaper but do not have the ability to sing. 

Meanwhile, Frozen 2 is out now at cinemas after releasing on November 22nd.