The first trailer for Black Widow is finally here!

For nine years, Scarlett Johansson has regularly appeared in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as Black Widow and was little more than a supporting character in her various film appearance.

Now though, that’s all set to change as, after years of calling for a standalone movie, Black Widow is finally getting her very own solo outing. 

The first instalment in the MCU’s Phase 4 is heading our way in Spring 2020 and for the past few months, we’ve learned more and more about the cast of the film and the characters they’re set to play.

We’ve now been given our first proper look at the film as well as the first teaser trailer for Black Widow is finally here.

The first trailer for Black Widow is here!

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow finds herself on the run and turning to friends and foes from her past to help her escape the limelight of the Avengers. 

There are plenty of recognisable faces in the new trailer with David Harbour and Rachel Weisz making their first appearances as Alexei Shostakov (Red Guardian) and Melina Vostokoff (an experienced spy who, like Natasha, was trained in the Red Room) respectively. 

We also get our first glimpse of the MCU’s version of Taskmaster, the villain of the film who can instantaneously take in knowledge, such as their opponent’s fighting technique, in order to achieve victory. 

Florence Pugh show’s off her Russian accent as Yelena Belova

However, arguably the biggest talking point from the trailer is the appearance of Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, another Red Room operative and sister-figure for Natasha.

Yelena and Natasha’s fierce training regime is on show in a brief skirmish that sees both women equally matched.

While Natasha Romanoff has lost her Russian accent after years in the US, Yelena still has that signature Russian twang in her voice and it’s something fans have already picked up on. 

Fans are already impressed

Despite the fact that Florence Pugh is an English actress, born in Oxford, fans have been quick to praise her attempt at a Russian accent and some are already claiming that her accent will be the only reason they watch the film as this fan on Twitter commented. 

Florence Pugh’s accent has certainly earned a lot of attention on social media with another fan on Twitter also commenting “I was not ready for Florence Pugh’s Russian accent.”

Meanwhile, this Twitter user makes a very good point in saying “The fact that Scarlett never even bothered with a Russian accent is pure buffoonery. Let Florence Pugh give us the Black Widow we deserve” possibly hinting at the future of Yelena’s character.

However, not everyone has been totally convinced as one fan had to ask “can a Russian person please tell me if Florence Pugh’s accent in Black Widow is good or not because I have no idea.”  

Regardless of Florence Pugh’s accent, all eyes will no doubt be on Black Widow to see how Phase 4 of the MCU gets underway in May 2020. 

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