Tottenham manager appears determined to get the players onside.

Tottenham Hotspur head coach Jose Mourinho is enjoying being back in management and has three consecutive wins.

That makes everything easier, admittedly. But Mourinho is making extra sure to try and form a bond with Tottenham’s players.

Spurs posted a photo last night from after the Bournemouth win of Mourinho embracing Son and Moussa Sissoko.

Connecting to the players is so important for Mourinho after the way his reign ended at Manchester United.

In his first Premier League stint at Chelsea, Mourinho was a players’ coach, and had the love of key players at the club who he helped improve and turn into winners.

Perhaps it was at Real Madrid where his enjoyment was sapped, but Mourinho has been hurt by successive sackings.

At the end at Manchester United, Mourinho was a disengaged figure, seemingly at war with everybody, not least his players.

It was like he was managing for himself, and not his players.

His failure to win over and engage Paul Pogba was central to his demise. Blame can go to the player, but Mourinho was the one to fall on his sword.


At Tottenham, Mourinho is rarely seen without a smile or in close conversation with his players.

He seems determined to fix his own biggest problem, that he had lost his connection to the dressing room which made him so successful.

It may eventually unravel, but for now it seems Mourinho is making a concerted effort not to let his past mistakes be repeated, and to try and find what made him successful in the past.

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