The TikTok Chair Challenge has confounded the internet.

The internet is always full of weird and wonderful trends that emerge on an almost constant basis.

Whether it’s a new meme or a viral challenge, you can expect to find something making a name for itself on social media.

The latest trend to find itself doing the rounds is the Chair Challenge that originated on TikTok.

But what is the challenge and where did it come from?

The example above is from Brooke and Jubal on YouTube

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What is the TikTok Chair Challenge?

To do it right, the TikTok Chair Challenge requires both a male and female participant, although you can do it on your own easily enough.

The process to give it a try is simple enough. 

Stand by a wall and have a chair with you. Place one foot against the wall and your other foot goes directly behind. Then move your front foot behind the back foot before bringing them both together.

Then place your head against the wall at a 90-degree angle to the floor then pull the chair under you and then up to your chest and simply stand up. 

It all sounds fairly straightforward until you discover that women are able to do it much more easily than men.

Where did it come from? Why do men struggle to do it?

As always with viral trends on the internet, the exact source of the challenge isn’t clear but it hasn’t stopped thousands of people giving it a go.

We have, however, discovered a video on YouTube from SEVEN years ago that features the exact challenge that has been doing the rounds in 2019, although the people in the video talk of the challenge or experiment as if it’s already a thing.


A reader has pointed out to us that this exact chair trick has actually appeared as early as 1971 in the US TV series All in the Family, specifically in the episode Judging Books by Covers which first aired on February 9th, 1971.

The main theory behind why women are so adept at the challenge compared to men is supposedly due to the differing centre of gravity in women, who are naturally not as tall or as bulky, meaning their centre of gravity is lower.

The lower your centre of gravity, the easier it is, supposedly.

However, there are a number of differing theories on this.

Some of the best

Naturally, the internet has been inundated with examples of people giving the bizarre challenge a go.

But as you can see from the second clip in the video above, it’s best not to do the challenge against a door. 

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