An enlightening experience has made its way onto the streaming service.

There are many great things about Broken, and one of them is certainly its narrator. 

Let’s face it. Netflix has swiftly become a haven for documentary enthusiasts – like seriously. This year, they’ve put out so many intriguing and exciting titles, from Fyre to The Devil Next Door. If docs are your thing, you’ll never exhaust their vast and varied selection. 

Sure, they’ve had some misfires, but efforts like The Great Hack, American Factory, Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese and more have made it a year for the books. 

The latest to make waves on the streaming service is Broken… 

Broken on Netflix

This four-episode series tackles things from furniture to vaping, examing how accelerated consumerism and higher demand has made the world we live in a more troublesome place.

The four episodes are titled: 

– Makeup Mayhem

– Big Vape

– Deadly Dressers

– Recycling Sham

They clock in at roughly one hour long each, packed with information, necessary footage, interviews, and of course, a guiding voiceover.

Who is the Broken narrator?

Broken is narrated by Jenise Morgan. 

According to her website, she is a writer, actor and producer. Her brief bio on the site reads: “I’m an emotionally intelligent storyteller who creates passionate relationships between words and images. Equipped with a quick mind, big heart and distinctive voice, I make narratives shine on the page, on screen and in audio. I can’t wait to collaborate on your next big idea…”

She is based in Brooklyn and has a wealth of voiceover experience, having worked on projects for the likes of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Great Big Story, Coinbase, Swiss Air, Gizmodo, Morgan Stanley and more. 

Follow Jenise Morgan on Instagram

If you’d like to keep up to date with her work, you can!

Fans can head over to her Instagram at @denisewithaj; she currently has 839 followers. 

She recently posted about the show, writing: ” You probably don’t want to get off the couch today (and hopefully you don’t have to), so take this opportunity to binge BROKEN on @netflix! It’s a fascinating investigation into the true price of low prices—and I’m THRILLED(!!!!!) that it’s my first long-form series as a narrator. Huge shoutout to @sarahholmholmes for directing/writing two super episodes and being an amazing cheerleader.”

We hope you enjoy it!

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