If you’re a Gerard Butler fan, your heart likely skipped a beat.

Gerard Butler… Watchmen… hang on a minute!

When it comes to the realm of comics, few titles have earned such widespread respect and admiration as Watchmen. Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins’ maxiseries was published in 1986 and ’87, and today, it’s regarded by many as one of the most essential novels of the last 100 years. 

It was long considered an unfilmable text, but obviously, that didn’t deter Zack Snyder from diving in with a terrific cast and a wealth of ideas. The 2009 blockbuster remains divisive to this day, but for every withstanding sceptic, there is a die-hard fan ready to sing its praises without hesitation. 

An HBO sequel-series of sorts recently emerged on screens and has been heralded as a triumph, but it hasn’t stopped there.

Watchmen: Ultimate Cut

Fans unite!

The Watchmen: Ultimate Cut was released on Blu-ray in the UK on Monday, November 25th 2019. 

Essentially, this version expertly blends Tales of the Black Freighter into Watchmen: The Director’s Cut, in attempts to achieve a more complete vision. This is an animated Watchmen tale which ran for over twenty minutes, released the same year as Watchmen.

NO TIME TO DIE | Trailer 2

It told the story of a mariner who makes his way home after a brush with death involving pirates on the Black Freighter. It’s great to see that the Ultimate Cut is now more readily available to audiences, but it’s gotten some thinking…

Gerard Butler in Watchmen

The 50-year-old Scottish actor is in Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut.

He voices the character of The Sea Captain in Tales of the Black Freighter, which as mentioned, has been intertwined with the Director’s Cut for a more comprehensive version. 

Gerard is given second opening credit in the edition, which will have confused those who hadn’t seen Freighter beforehand.  

Cinemablend noted way back in 2007 that Gerard may be in Watchmen (the theatrical edition). Zack had worked with him previously on the 2006 film 300, but unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen outside of Freighter – or heard, rather. 

Fans talk Gerard Butler Watchmen addition on Twitter

One fan recently wrote: ” Watchmen: The “Ultimate Cut is three and a half hours long. It actually works without the interruptions of the Black Freighter heavy metal-esque animations, despite the main guy being voiced by none other than Gerard Butler. Shame he didn’t get in the main movie.”

Another tweeted: “Just realised who Gerard Butler is in Watchmen…” The opening credit did throw a lot of people off, but it’s all cleared up now. 

Honestly, it does feel a shame that he wasn’t in the theatrical cut as a character. Although, it’s still cool that he was aboard the project. If he was busy at the time, it certainly wasn’t because he was making The Real RocknRolla!

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