People Just Do Nothing movie: Release date confirmed for 2020

People Just Do Nothing

People Just Do Nothing may have come to an end on BBC Three but the Kurupt FM DJs are getting quite the send-off.

BBC Three may have moved online but it's still been producing shows that have earned respectable audiences due to the programmes straying from the mainstream mould on BBCs One and Two.

One such show that's earned surprising success on BBC Three is People Just Do Nothing, a series that follows a group of wannabe DJs as they set up and run their own pirate radio station Kurupt FM.

The show recently came to an end in 2018 after five impressive series and even a BAFTA win.

However, that's not the end for MC Grindah, DJ Beats, Chabuddy G and Steves. 

People Just Do Nothing is getting a movie!

Yep, that's right. The show goes on for the Kurupt FM crew.

The film, which is titled People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan follows our four favourite wannabe DJs as they venture to the Far East in search of success. 

Filming has already started

Filming for the movie began on November 28th 2019 and will take place in both the UK and Japan for a total of six weeks. 

The main cast of Allan Mustafa, Steve Stamp, Huge Chegwin and Asim Chaudhry have all been retained from the original series and will put their skills to the test on the other side of the world.

When will it be out?

People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan is currently slated to release in August 2020 although the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

If you want to refresh your knowledge of the show before the film hits the screen, series 1-4 of People Just Do Nothing is available to stream now on Netflix while series 3-5 are available on BBC iPlayer. 

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