When will Frozen 2 be on DVD? Is it coming to Disney+?

Frozen 2 Main Trio

Frozen 2 is currently breaking records at the cinema but when will the Disney sequel be heading to DVD and Disney Plus?

It was only a matter of time before Disney decided to release a sequel to the most successful animated film of all time.

After six years of waiting, that sequel is finally here in the form of Frozen 2 and it's safe to say that fans of the first film will not be disappointed.

Despite the film only just releasing in cinemas, attention is already turning to the DVD release for Frozen 2, especially among those who don't see the appeal of watching the film in a room with lots of restless and noisy children.

But when exactly is Frozen 2 expected to come to DVD and Blu-Ray? And will it be available to stream on Disney+?

Frozen 2 is out at cinemas!

After the first Frozen released in 2013 to great critical and financial success, it was only a matter of time until a sequel came our way.

The long-awaited sequel, Frozen 2, hit cinemas on November 22nd, 2019, arguably the perfect time to release, just ahead of the festive, Christmas-present-buying season.

When will Frozen 2 be on DVD?

At the time of writing, no release date has been confirmed. However, going off usual DVD release schedules here in the UK, we can expect Frozen 2 to release on or around Monday, March 23rd, 2020.

We will, of course, keep you up to date once the official release date is confirmed.

Is it coming to Disney+?

Yes, but probably not for a while.

Disney+ is still in its initial teething stages in the US and here in the UK, it's not available until March 31st, 2020.

However, it is almost certain that Frozen 2 will end up on the streaming service at some point. Although, given the fact that Disney+ is a brand new player in the industry, it's yet to become clear exactly when we could see Frozen 2 on Disney+.

But if we take a look at Captain Marvel, which released in cinemas in March 2019, that arrived on Disney+ at launch on November 12th, which is a wait of around seven months. If Frozen 2 has a similar release schedule, we can assume that it will be arriving on Disney+ in approximately June 2020. 

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