The UK’s Strongest Man 2019 competition has arrived on Channel 5.

Humans have always wanted to know who’s the strongest man out there. It’s something that has dated back for years and strongman competitions are always popular events to this day.

Whether it’s the World’s Strongest Man competition or the national UK’s Strongest Man, they always offer up plenty of jaw-dropping feats of strength.

The 2019 edition of UK’s Strongest Man has recently made its way onto Channel 5 with three new episodes heading our way to give us the best bits of this year’s competition.

But who won the 2019 UK’s Strongest Man title and why wasn’t fan-favourite Eddie Hall competing?

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UK’s Strongest Man 2019

The first episode of UK’s Strongest Man arrived on Channel 5 at 7pm on Wednesday, November 27th with the second and third episodes following up on November 28th also at 7pm and Saturday, November 30th at the slightly later time of 7:05pm.

As it was in 2018, Channel 5’s highlights programme is hosted by former British tennis player Dan Lobb who has turned his attention to presenting since his sporting career came to an end in 1998.

2019’s winner

Despite the 2019 edition of UK’s Strongest Man hitting our screens now, the competition actually took place during the summer, specifically July 26th to July 28th 2019.

As a result, the winner of the competition has already been revealed to be Scotland’s Paul Benton who claimed his first major title with the victory. 

Following behind in second place was Graham Hicks, who also won Britain’s Strongest Man this year, and in third was 2018’s UK’s Strongest Man champion Pa O’Dwyer.   

No Eddie Hall this year?

In recent years, the UK and Britain Strongest Man competitions have been dominated by Eddie Hall who won the UK competition six years in a row (2011-16) and the Britain competition five years in a row (2014-18).

However, the former World’s Strongest Man has been absent from the UK competition for several years now after retiring from Strongman competitions towards the end of 2018.

Instead, Eddie Hall has taken to the world of TV and currently has a Man v Food-esque show, Eddie Eats America, on Dave.

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