It looks like Martin Scorsese has gone and done it again.

The Irishman boasts many stellar performances, from Stephen Graham’s to Welker White’s. 

Honestly, when you look at the central ensemble, it’s hard to believe there are any stand-outs beyond them, but indeed, there really are. 

Martin Scorsese’s latest epic arrived on Netflix on Wednesday, November 27th 2019 and is already being praised as one of his greatest achievements. When reflecting on the director’s work, this is no small feat. He has delivered such masterworks as Raging Bull, Goodfellas, The King of Comedy, Casino – so many. 

The Irishman is a different beast to his other gangster/mobster offerings. As protagonist Frank Sheeran reflects on his own life, we get the sense that Scorsese is reminiscing over his own career, with ageing and time proving prevalent themes in the work. It’s a long film at 3 1/2 hours, but when you have Robert De Niro (The Deer Hunter), Al Pacino (Scarface) and Joe Pesci (Goodfellas) as your leads, you better believe you can take your sweet time with the storytelling.  

The Irishman: Welker White

The film boasts one of the best casts in recent memory, but it’s not all about the central performances. 

There are some terrific supporting roles, some of which come from Jimmy Hoffa’s (Pacino) family. Jesse Plemmons (Breaking Bad) does a terrific job as Chuckie O’Brien, but let’s spotlight Welker White’s portrayal of Josephine Hoffa, Jimmy’s wife. 

Although she doesn’t have a great deal of screen time, Welker certainly makes the most of what she has. Then again, it’s hardly surprising when you consider her great working relationship with Scorsese in the past.

That’s right. She played Lois Byrd in Goodfellas! One fan recently tweeted: “Loved seeing Welker White as Mrs. Hoffa! I’ll always remember her as Lois Byrd in GoodFellas.” So, if she looks familiar that may be why, but then again, she’s been in lots…

Welker White: Movies & TV

According to IMDb, she first appeared on screens in the TV series Guiding Light in 1986 (she played Kelly Anne). 

Her first film role came in 1988 as Penny in Lemon Sky, and of course, she’s starred in a range of notable film projects since then, including Fresh Horses (Christy), Dead Poets Society (Tina), A Shock to the System (Kennel Driver), Chasing Amy (Jane) and Eat Pray Love (Andrea Sherwood). 

It’s also worth highlighting that she starred in another of Scorsese’s films ahead of the Irishman, as she played the Waitress in 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street

As for more TV work, she was in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (various roles), Smash (Betsy Fields) and Law & Order (various roles). 

Stephanie Kurtzuba and Welker White attend the International Premiere and Closing Night Gala screening of NETFLIX’s “The Irishman” during the 63rd BFI London Film Festival at Odeon Luxe…

Follow Welker White on Instagram!

If you’re a fan, you can find her on Instagram over at @welkerwhite; she has 481 followers. 

She recently posted a picture of herself alongside co-stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, with the caption joking: “I’m still steamed that that de-ageing thing didn’t extend to all of us… unfair! If you haven’t yet, go see @theirishmanfilm in a theatre while you still can and see me in all my unfiltered glory! ahem…”

Welker has posted lots regarding the film, so be sure to check out her Insta. You can also catch her in the forthcoming film Out and About (she’ll play Cathy) but no release date is known as of yet. We hope you enjoyed The Irishman!

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