All you need to know about how to get Krobus as a roommate in Stardew Valley following update 1.4.

Update 1.4 for Stardew Valley has finally arrived to bring about a hundred-odd changes to the game. Pretty much all of these improvements/tweaks have been approved by the community, but perhaps the most favourable amongst everyone is the option to have the friendly monster Krobus as a roommate.

The 1.4 update has introduced a 14-heart event for every spouse along with fishing ponds and personal banking in multiplayer. But, to have access to perhaps the greatest aspect of the update, you’re going to need to be a single-mingle for Krobus to be your roomie.

Below you’ll discover what you need to know for how to turn Krobus into your roommate.

How to make Krobus your roommate in Stardew Valley

You must visit the Desert Trader and purchase the Void Ghost Pendant to make Krobus your roommate in Stardew Valley.

This item costs 200 Void Essence. When you give it to Krobus, he will eventually become your roommate shortly afterwards.

In addition to purchasing and gifting the Void Ghost Pendant, you must also be unmarried so get ready to divorce your significant other for a shadow.

The above information comes from an extremely helpful Reddit post by TomTheHuntingChicken.

“The best update ever”

As you can see from the compilation of tweets below, lots of the Stardew Valley community are more than willing to divorce their attractive partners in order slum with a ghost.

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