Netflix’s Mortel has proved a hit with fans who are already calling for a second season.

While Netflix’s main audience maybe the US and other English-speaking countries, it’s always worth remembering that the streaming service is a global operation with audience members across the world. 

In order to cater for this audience demographic, Netflix often produces some pretty impressive foreign-language content.

One of Netflix’s most recent foreign-language additions is Mortel, a French drama series that has recently hit the streaming service.

Mortel has already managed to bring in a passionate audience and what’s more impressive still is the fact that said audience is calling for a second season already.

Mortel season 1

Mortel’s first season arrived on Netflix on November 21st.

The six-episode series tells the story of a pair of teenagers, Sofiane and Victor who are gifted superpowers by a mysterious voodoo deity in order to avenge the death of a loved one. They also befriend Luisa, a girl who also practices voodoo, in order to banish the troublesome spirit who gifted them their powers.

Sofiane is given the power to manipulate other people’s actions while Victor can read the minds of others.

Are we getting a second season?

At the time of writing, no. 

As Mortel’s first series only released on November 21st, Netflix have not had enough time to decide on whether it wants to continue with the show going forward.

A big factor in that will be the reception the show receives from fans and critics. Luckily for Netflix, viewers seem to have taken to the show.

Fans certainly want season 2!

Something that will definitely please Netflix bosses is that fans of the show have quickly taken to social media demanding a second season. 

Fans on Twitter have been quick to praise the show with one fan simply stating “Mortel season 2 now please!!!!” while another went for a more expletive tweet and said “MORTEL WAS FUCKING AMAZING. CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 2. THE SOUND TRACK UGH. BANGERS. If your procrastinating go watch”

High praise indeed. Twitter is full of similar comments but only time will tell if Netflix do indeed give the fans what they want.

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