The recently revealed roadmap for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare shares that on December 3rd the season 1 battle pass will add the multiplayer map Vacant.

While Call Of Duty Mobile has recently rejuvenated itself with the introduction of zombies and controller support, Modern Warfare is making itself fresh again also but with a season 1 battle pass that will introduce a bunch of classic multiplayer maps including Vacant. In this article you’ll discover everything you need to know about the recently revealed roadmap.

For those who don’t know and were curious as to why there’s no money-grabbing microtransactions or loot boxes in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, the reason is because Activision decided to veto the inclusion of these much hated fears in favour of a seasonal model with battle passes.

These battle passes provide free and premium-priced content, and Activision has recently announced the roadmap for season 1. If you’ve been a fan of the never-ending series since the original Modern Warfare, then you will no doubt be delighted with the content that is set to arrive.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare season 1 adds Vacant and Shipment multiplayer maps

Season 1 for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare will add the multiplayer maps Vacant and Shipment for free.

Fans of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will no doubt recognise and be excited by the arrival of these classic maps along with Crash.

In addition to the three multiplayer maps mentioned above, the season 1 update for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare will also add the Ground War map Port, as well as the Gunfight maps Cargo and Atrium.

Activision note that players should look for additional multiplayer maps as season 1 progresses.

As well as the maps mentioned above, the season 1 update will also bring about gifts such as Reinforce, On-Site Procurement and Infected as multiplayer and Gunfight modes. Again, look out for more additional modes as season 1 progresses.

Finally, the season 1 update will also introduce fresh Spec Ops experiences such as Bomb Squad and Pitch Black.

The season 1 update is expected to arrive on December 3rd, but some of the above content may arrive shortly afterwards.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare season 1 roadmap

You can find Activision’s roadmap for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare season 1 in its entirety below:

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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