Netflix: Has The Dragon Prince season 4 been confirmed? The fans can't wait!

The Dragon Prince

It's arguably one of the best animated shows in recent memory.

Fans are contemplating the possibility of The Dragon Prince season 4. 

Netflix has delivered so many gems across TV and film and across numerous genres and formats, from documentary to fantasy. However, it's pretty clear that their series output is on a whole other level, especially in 2019. 

Efforts like Daybreak and Stranger Things season 3 have been embraced since their release, but it's the return of another fantastic title we're here to spotlight. 

The Dragon Prince arrived on the streaming service back in September 2018 and already it has offered audiences so much. It was swiftly renewed and season 2 soared onto screens in February 2019, but that's not all! Season 3 premiered on Friday, November 22nd, rewarding fans with another nine exciting episodes. 

Obviously, the turnover of the seasons has been impressive, but can we expect the same again? 

The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince: Season 4 confirmed?

As of yet, The Dragon Prince season 4 has not been confirmed. 

According to Inverse, Danika Harrod - Head of Community Development for Wonderstorm - actually relinquished her position and tweeted numerous times of misogynistic behaviour within the studio. 

She addressed the activity of The Dragon Prince's co-creator Aaron Ehasz and suggested all of this could have an impact on the series. 

Union Journalism also highlights that there have been some technical issues regarding production. 

On the other hand, Nextalerts has weighed in saying: "We anticipate ‘The Dragon Prince’ season 4 to discharge at some point in May 2020."

So, perhaps it's best to ask this: Does it demand a fourth season?

Does The Dragon Prince demand season 4?

Yes, absolutely!

"It's changing," we hear, in the final moments of season 3 episode 9 - titled 'The Final Battle.'

We don't know what happens with the "creepy caterpillar friend", but after those intriguing and concluding images, we know that "it's changing." Ending on a cliffhanger like that, fans feel confident that more episodes will be on the way.

Decider also notes that the team revealed at San Diego Comic-Con their plans for seasons 4 and 5, as well as at least two more seasons. Along with the open ending, it sounds like more The Dragon Prince episodes are inevitable. 


Fans look ahead to The Dragon Prince season 4 

Of course, the fans want more too!

One recently wrote: "Oh man season 3 of The Dragon Prince was so good. But it was over too soon. The wait for season 4 is gonna be the worst!"

Similarly, another tweeted: "I just finished watching Season 3 of "The Dragon Prince" and it was glorious from start till the end. I loved all of it... best season so far and better still a season 4 just might be in the offing. I don't know what I loved most. There's many. It needs to be watched by all."

This fan also added: "The Dragon Prince season 3 was so good, and boy, we'd better get season 4 because I need more Aaravos in my life."

We'll just have to wait and see...

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