Netflix: Has Final Space season 3 been confirmed? Olan Rogers teases danger ahead!

Final Space

Fans are already anticipating a landscape of possibilities.

Final Space season 3 is something we'd wholeheartedly welcome... 

What is your favourite animated show? For so long we've found comfort in watching our favourite cartoon characters, tracing their journeys and laughing along with them.

Sure, we'll never turn down kicking back with classics like The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy and so forth - we could go on and on. However, there have been some recent titles we suspect will be remembered so fondly down the line. Most obviously, you have the likes of Rick and Morty, Big Mouth and BoJack Horseman, but that's not all!

Final Space has already cemented its status as an animated gem, so let's dive into it.  

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Final Space

Final Space on Netflix

Olan Rogers' US space series centres upon astronaut Gary Goodspeed and his alien companion Mooncake.

It's been an absolute pleasure standing beside them, embarking on grand intergalactic quests and meeting an array of curious and captivating characters. 

The show first arrived in February 2018 and its first season quickly attracted praise from animation enthusiasts and beyond. It was renewed for a second season that May, which first premiered in June 2019. 

Both series are available to stream now on Netflix, but is season 3 on the cards?

Has Final Space season 3 been confirmed?

Yes, it sure has!

Final Space was renewed a week after season 2 had concluded airing. 

In a tweet on Wednesday, November 20th 2019, Olan simply wrote: "Writing B3GINS..." with the "3" in replacement of the "e" giving fans the buzz they needed. 

When asked by a fan on Twitter how many characters would be introduced in season 3, Olan replied: "If I was working on said Season 3 [winking face] there may only be one addition however lots of one-off guest spots though. The real question is how many are we going to lose to the dangers that lie ahead I mean whaaaaaaaa (throws a wad of bang snaps on the ground and runs away)."

More recently, on December 2nd, Olan gave fans quite a substantial update on the upcoming season 3 in a Reddit post

"We started writing Chapter 24. It’s really thrilling. This next season will feel much more serialized. We are going to address a lot of things left unanswered in S1 & S2. Over the course of next season. It’s going to be much more space driven and less planet driven. The quiet moments that I love will be back and you going to learn something new about all these characters. I so excited about this story it’s going to keep you on the edge of your seats in a way you won’t expect.

"If S1 was about closing the breach.

"S2 was about collecting the dimension keys to free Bolo and save Quinn

"S3 is very simple. It’s about survival. And escaping Final Space."

We can't wait! 

Fans talk Final Space season 3 on Twitter 

Looking ahead, this fan offered some particularly interesting thoughts: "While I love Final Space and it's characters, I REALLY hope season 3 sidelines some of the OG cast a bit. I love Gary & Lil Cato, but I want to see Quinn, Fox, & Ash take centre stage."

In a broader tweet, this viewer wrote: "Just finished watching the last episode of #FinalSpace Season 2 on #Netflix & it was amazing. Loving the story, can't wait to see what happens next in Season 3."

Similarly, another added: "I just finished watching season 2 of final space... wow that final is just awesome, @OlanRogers please tell me that there's going to be a season 3..."

It looks like we're all in luck! 

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